Be Their Eyes!

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Hi everybody, this is my first post here and I want it to be meaningful. I’ve never actually planned on what this post will be about. Let’s say some coincidences brought me here.

Electricity was cut off in the region I lived due to some technical problems 2 days ago. I opened the apartment door to go home. The interior of the apartment was in absolute darkness, and I had to go up 1 floor to get in the house. Believe me, those were the hardest steps I've ever taken in my life. It took me 3-4 minutes to come to the house door, I walked 10 to 15 meters and I got about 20 steps. The hardest part was to open the house door. Finding the right key, putting the key in the key hole... Normally it takes 30 seconds to get into house, but It took about 5-6 minutes to do it in the dark. By the way my phone is not working for a while, so I could not use it as a light source.

The ordinary work I do every day suddenly becomes almost impossible for me in the darkness. For 2 days, I think about how people who cannot see do things they have to do, and the difficulties they face. Even though think about for 2 days, I’ve never think about to do something about it. I am actually writing this down in case you don’t too. Close your eyes and get up from where you sit and try to change your clothes. For example, after you find your clothes, you wonder if there is any stain on your shirt, or you want to make sure that you picked the right shirt, but you cannot. For these daily problems that are experienced by visually impaired people, they have brought a solution called 'Be My Eyes', which I came across while surfing on the internet. It’s an application that you can download for both IOS and Android. After downloading and registering the application, you get a call from someone who needs help, and the only thing left to do is helping them. Since my phone is not working, I could not download the app. As soon as I fix it, I will start using the help. You can learn more about the application from the following video. I guess it’s time to do something, be their eyes!


It's a very exciting application ! I think it should be used more. Thank you very much for your nice narration and informing :)

thank you so much :))

interesting! welcome to steemit!

how amazing you told the story ! you should come up with more news, I am following ;)

thank you, will do my best!