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The Life of a Cigarette Addict

in life •  2 years ago 

I started smoking when i was 14 years old...... and i smoked for 15 years. Then I decided I wanted to get in shape so i started taking Chantix. This little pill I took every day for a few months really helped me to quit smoking! I have been quit for over 3 years now! I tried the patch, vaping and everything else and Chantix was the only thing that really worked. Anyway the crazy part about this story is that I quit smoking..... I have had breathing troubles. I have been hospitalized several times because of low oxygen. I had double pneumonia and was hospitalized, and ever since then, I have had a lot of trouble with my lungs! But when I smoked cigarettes, I never had any serious breathing troubles, just your regular shortness of breath that most smokers have. The doctors say its asthma, but I think they are just unsure what the cause of my problems actually is.

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your body is never lacking from medicine. nutrition is important.

you are invincible, limitless being, nothing can make you sick but your thoughts.

relax around everything, nothing can get you, nothing can stick to you, you are freedom itself.

how can you contain free will? by convincing it that it is powerless.

best of luck friend, i know it looks real, and that is just a product of how powerful you are, but perhaps notice that the problems began when you started to worry about your well being?

stop worrying. you are a Son of God. you are loved, and nothing can harm you here.

peace, love, joy. these are aspects of the one truth. look for these and be healed. forgive all.