It's not over

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They say it is better to try and fail than to have never tried at all, when I first heard this saying I thought to myself here we go again a bunch of people that have failed too many times have come up with a way to feel better about themselves by shoving this crap of a saying down our throats but over the years I've grown and I have come to understand the truth behind those words and the repercussions to those that do not try. images (2).jpgSource
Those that do not try can boast of neither profit nor loss but that is only on the surface, the truth is that those that do not try experience a gradual decline because time surely moves and before you know it you're old and you start to wonder What If and they say we regret more the things we did not do rather than the things we did do, but another thing I've come to know about life is that it's never too late to right your wrongs so long as you've got life in you there's nothing that cannot be fixed. So for those of you that are so cautious and afraid to fail that you end up not trying anything, I urge you to take a step of faith and do, I promise you'd learn a lesson that you previously would not have gotten.

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Damn, I was scrolling down the new posts kinda bummed and feeling overwhelmed on life, just for regretting that I didn't gave an old friend a second chance, I was just trying to find a way to feel better by reading anything here on Steemit (this community has done a lot for me) and I happen to stumble with your post, and the first thing I notticed was the title, I clicked so fast just for the coincidence, didn't think it through; If there is anything I can do to reasure what you said it's givin' my testimony to everyone reading this, please don't be me, I've lost someone I can't bring back and I'ts something I'll always feel remorse for. It may seem small but you just remind people the importance of trying. I'm tottaly a 100% serious of what happened, you deserve the upvote, at least for me.


Thanks for sharing your story @jo1201, I'm sure you'll meet someone else is just as great or better than the friend you lost and because you're more experienced you won't make the same mistake with them

Nice post, its good to know we still got time to write our wrongs
Let your forth tag be "life"