A Conversation with a Man that Has Full of Hopes and Dreams

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Hey man,

How are you?...

It's been a while...

Come with me, let's have a little game and little talk, I'm not going to attend my next class instead because I am excited to hear what have we become. haha. Hey! do you still remember the place where we play Counter-Strike?, Yes! you got it, man! near the bridge behind the school. Come and treat me an hour, for sure, you are earning plenty now, huh?.


That was a nice game man, but what happened, man, how come you're not that good anymore? have you forgotten our style when facing the snipers, you should've bunny-hopped dude. Well, anyway, let's just have a snack, my treat!, I still have a 100 bucks here that I secretly took from our mother's store yesterday. I'm sure you missed gulaman and banana-que, It's my treat now, but you'll shoulder the dinner, alright?

So, how's life? what are you up to?
But first, I'm sure you know it, I will be playing in a band tomorrow night. I'm excited, man, it is our first gig. Hundreds of students will be watching us, Yes yes! you got the right list.

  • Superman - by Five for Fighting
  • This I Promise you - by N'Sync
  • In The End - by Linkin Park

Rock and Roll

Oh, what Chester Bennington has passed? Oh, man, He's the effing rocker of our life. And he took his own life?! Oh, my gee?

How about you, man, what's going on with our life now, huh? Are one of the famous guitarist now? have you played with Slash already, or are we better than him? huh? How many records do you have now?
concerts? come on, man, tell me!

Huh? You're not?. But it's our dream, it is our goal, How come you did not persuade it. So what is all my practicing for? We said that we will be one of the famous guitarists in the Philippines and in the world. Where we will be recognized by Slash, Santana, and Joe Sat. I thought I will be able to beat that conceited guitarist in the other band that will play together with us tomorrow.

So our practice every day will be worthless, We just wasted the time that we skipped classes in order to attend the practice. And we did not even acquaint with Sir Eli Buendia?. I thought we are going to be a star, the number of records and songs that will play on the radio. And...wait...

If we didn't get to be a star, then you may be a Scientist now? Yes, that's our dream when we are younger. Do you remember when slept the night without electricity because of the experiment that we made, and almost cause our home to burn? hahaha! I am a Scientist in the future!! How many inventions that we have, did you invented that full-screen... is that a TV you're holding there?...

Whoah! A cellphone? did we invent this? Whoah! no more snake, it's like a computer in a palm. Hey, is this one of those inventions that we did?!

Whaaaaat?! We did not become a Scientist as well??!! nor an inventor? We almost set our house on fire and yet nothing happened?!

We've been thinking of how to make Teepee Takamiya's AI horse in BT-X. Well, that's just our childhood dream, It may change through time. I just wish that we already own a car at least, or... Have we bought that Gibson's Les Paul? the Goldtop one, yeah the 50's, those with pickups like a soap bar, the one that Slash's use. That USD6000 worth, do you?.


Another "no". It seems that my future is becoming hopeless. How come, what have we become after 17 years? Not a star, nor a Scientist, and you do not even look like a pilot.

Please tell me, what have we become? did we even succeed high-school? Because my name is still listed on the principal's board of those with a little chance of graduating, If we failed this, please tell me now so that I can fix it soon. If this band playing will just come into waste, then I'll stop attending the practice and will stop writing songs.

What?! a Store Manager?, hmmm.. sounds fair enough.

Wait, man, how is Mahal? I just remember 'cause I need to fetch her tonight. How is she?

Really? you're married to her. Wow man! finally, we have something that achieved in life that is worth our time. Huh? no kids yet? Well, I am not thinking that yet, but in your time, with our age, should we have kids already?

You know, a son that we will teach of playing guitar and other instruments that we know of playing. Or a daughter who will sing those songs that we have written.

Well, if that the case, I wish we could have soon! in your time, not yet in mine.

By the way, so how is it becoming a Store Manager? How come we still don't have that 1950's Gibson's Les Paul?


Well, I'm speechless. Our father worked his ass-off in order to purchase that house. And it's just sold because of a debt. Well, our father has been so generous to us, but he should've not done that.

I hope he still becomes better, I am hoping that he will still be able to see his grandchild to you. Well, good thing that our bastard brother has a daughter now that can make our father happy, despite all his nonsense.

Well, man, please don't quit your job yet. Our parents still need our support. I know you're tired now. Well, if you believe in that bitcoin and steemit thing then wait for the success yet before leaving your 9-5. I wish I can be a help dude, But I think I still can change it, but everything might. Including those happiest ones.

Anyway, I still need to go to PLM and fetch Essie (@essiehime). God bless man! We still can make it. I know we are the strongest. We don't just surrender! We just stop when we are done.

Thank You!


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  ·  last year (edited)

Dreams are essential to us. It helps us to achieve it no matter what. It gives us fulfillment, when we achieve it :) You have a nice dream man :) Keep dreaming more ^^ Hopefully you can achieved your new dreams :)


Thanks man! and thanks for reading.. 👌


No problem man ^^ I'll follow you man ^^

Dreams and goals that drive a person to achieve the unachievable

My current state of mind. Being optimistic in life sometimes can slow us down towards our goal. But it still matters to the doer of this success. I wanna be a doer. Very inspiring man. Keep it up!


Right man, we sometimes pulled our hopes from our dreams. Without it, we cannot do things that matters in real life.

thanks for reading man. 👌


Have fun reading your blog man. Keep writing! 😁