Steemit INTERVIEW: @aggroed talks SBD & Steem, Smart Media Token's, Witnessing... [dTube]

in #life4 years ago (edited)

This is my latest interview with Steemit witness @aggroed

We discussed many interesting topics, including:

  • Witnessing
  • Smart Media Tokens
  • The future of SBD and STEEM currencies
  • His latest projects on the Steem blockchain
  • Much more

For more on my upcoming interviews, check out my latest SteemVlog episode:

▶️ DTube

Thanks for great post!

Love that guy!

.. @davidpakman hey there. As I was checking this post I ACCIDENTALLY hit the downvote. I am using my android phone and it was lagging. My intent was for an upvote of coarse. Luckily I was able to switch it back real quick. Just so your aware im not on the other side of the fence with you. .

ahh good to know, thanks for letting me know

Welcome brethren. My apologies.

thats awesome that you were able to interview such an influential person from the platform.

Who do you plan on having in for your next interview?

have you checked out the African Steemians they may have much to talk about especially with all the growth in their community !

I absolutely love and enjoy your interviews since you ask some great questions and we always receive these awesome answers from this amazing and influential people on steemit.
We are so blessed to have you here on this platform since by interviewing all these people we can all learn about this platfroms and what is going on and learn about cryptos.
Thank you @davidpakman for doing amazing job and making out lives easier.

thanks so much, I really appreciate your support!


I am a relatively new user so it is the first time I have listened to @aggroed. It reassures me that this guy seems to be thinking long term about the interests of the Steemit community and I will be certainly be checking out more on his blog. Thanks for doing the interview @davidparkman.

Does upvoting your own comment make a difference?

Thanks for doing this video. Both you and @aggroed are helping us newbies. Now I just have to figure out how Dtube is connected to Steem.

This is a very important interview.Because there is some issue which is related to all of us.Thank's for the post.@resteemed

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really impressive interview of @aggroad . @davidpakman you are posted a great stuff!
😍 😘 😍 😘
Regards @abishali

@aggroed thank you for the interview with @davidpakman I am going to check out your Minnow Support program and the PAL sounds awesome...

Nice share thanks upvoted :)

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i love @aggroed
Awesome interview 😊

Nice post @davidpakman
I like it

the shill is real

You have Don a great job

Great... very good witnessing @davidpakman

I feel a lot of your posts, the post is that

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This is probably the first steemit post that i had bookmarked to watch it during my free time. Got to know a lot through this video. I Did not knew that aggroed was a PHD. I think both active users and investors should increase on this blockchain. The main problem right now is that people are joining with very high expectation and when they are not fullfilled, they are living. I think people should also look at the investment angle. The more they invest the more they will benefit.

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Nice interview. I enjoyed watching it while eating some sandwich here :)

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Terrific interview, David. I watched 2 of your pieces today. Thanks a bunch for the wonderful program.

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