I Found This Shell Of A Phone Booth At A Post Office

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This shell of a phone booth I found has the name Pacific Bell. This was a Pacific Bell corporate phone booth. You see, I used to work for Pacific Bell.

You might have seen phone booths in some of the old movies. Even in movies that were to take place in New York City might use the phone booth with the name Pacific Bell.

That means the phone booth scene was probably shot in California, since their were no Pacific Bell phone booths in New York City.

I remember watching a movie that was supposed to be in New York City and in the movie theater people were saying, Hey it's Pacific Bell, when they seen the Pacific Bell phone booth in the movie. So to them it was not authentic.

So back to this phone booth. I remember using this phone booth to try to get a date. Well I never got that date. I just remember using this phone booth sometime in 1993.

Of course that is the time before cell phones. To us older people the phone booth was the mobile phone. So when anybody was mobile if we needed to use the phone we would look for one of these.

In that time there were a lot of these phone booths around and if you didn't have any change you might not get to make a phone call.

I think later on people would use the pre-paid calling cards where you would have to call an 800 number and put in a code then you would dial in the number you wanted.

When I used to work for the telephone company the name of the company was called Pacific Telephone Company. This was before the big telephone break up. I came into the company in the last part of 1979.

You see Pacific Telephone was part of AT&T and then they had to break up. That was on January 1, 1984. So us that stayed with the Pacific Telephone side now worked for the company Pacific Bell. They had to change their name.

I worked for several names of telephone companies, but basically stayed in the same place only the name changed.

There was a time when Pacific Bell changed their name again to Pacific Telesis. Then I think there was a big merger and the name changed yet again.

That was the time when I worked at the same place, but it's name turned to SBC sometime around 1997 when SBC purchased Pacific Telesis.

SBC was very powerful at a certain time when they were looking to buy AT&T, when AT&T was really doing badly. So guess what happened?

Well, SBC did decide to buy AT&T some time in 2005. Can you imagine that all of that break up and now it comes full circle.

So since SBC bought AT&T they decided to use the name of AT&T since they own even the name AT&T at its purchase and since the AT&T name was a more know name than SBC they used AT&T.

Like I said, I started with Pacific Telephone in the last part of 1979 and in the last part of 2010 I retired from the telephone company after 31 years of service from my telephone company, who's name at the time happened to be AT&T.

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