From Energy Independent To Energy Dependent 5.21.2022

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So what happened with the gas prices? Did we not have lower gas prices with Trump? Then Biden came in and the prices of gas went up.

Well, we have to figure out what happened. You see, when Trump was president he did things that the deep state did not want to do. He opened up the XL pipe line and opened up different oil leases.

By doing this Trump actually created more availability of crude oil. Now doesn't more availability cause the price to go down? Also didn't it cause the USA to be energy independent?

We were so energy independent that we actually started to export our oil? Now when we start to export our oil does it not help other countries that import our oil and the customers of that country benefit from our low prices?

So us being energy independent does help other countries that will import our exported oil.

Remember when under Trump we had gas that was under 2 dollars a gallon for regular unleaded? Those were good times. Trump let us know how good it can be to be energy independent.

This is a way that we could be free from wars that include countries that do have oil, like those countries in the Middle East. Let others fight over countries with oil, as under Trump we had our own oil.

Then what happened? Well, if you look at the movie called, 2000 Mules, you will find that the Biden side cheated and used fraud to win. Biden even mentions that he is on the side that used fraud. Funny how he said that, well he let it out of the bag that he did cheat.

So Biden cheated and is now in the studio of the White House, and what does he do on to make oil go up? Yes he goes and closes the pipelines and oil leases that Trump opened up.

So when Biden closed the pipelines and oil leases, that cause us to be energy dependent again, and the price of gas goes up. Well, some people think that a president can't change the price of gas, well if a president changes the availability of oil, then that president just changed the price of gas to go upward if there is less availability.

Biden is deep state and wants the people to suffer and to go bankrupt, this will bring in their desired reset, where we are to own nothing and be happy. Well it doesn't have to be that way.

This year, we can win the senate and the house and that would be a good start to getting Biden and Harris out of that studio of a White House.

Trump keeps getting stronger as each rally goes on, and with his Truth Social, he is back putting up truth. If you haven't signed up for Truth Social yet, go ahead and sign up.

So when Trump comes back to office officially, I am expecting him to open up the pipelines and oil leases that Biden shut down. Then, then we could have low prices on gas again. May that day come to pass.

Let's end with a scripture, as it is written, Let me be weighed in an even balance, that God may know mine integrity. Job 31:6.

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