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My personal challenge of the 2020>
Starting a new life in a New Country,....again!😅😆 ...
studying the new language.
Starting from the basics.
Creating a new Network.
Looking for a job.
Integrate with the local culture.

...is not easy but it give me so much energy and adrenaline!
It has been like this since 2010.. travelling around, not for holidays but for work, surviving, fighting.

...And now.. studying German> i will post some basic grammar and usefull sentences.
it-s alwayz interesting see and feel how your brain, step by step, make connections.

Don=t forget guys> enjoy the 360 degrees vision, don t judje.
and again breath...deeply!

Level A1

_ Vielen Dank. > Thank you very much
_ Danke für die Einladung. > Thnks for the invitation

_ Ich komme gern. > I'd be glad to come.
_ Ich feiere gern mit dir. > I like celebrating with you.
_ Tolle Idees das konzert. > Great ideas the concert.
_ Klar, komme ich > Sure, I come

_ Es tut mir leid,ich kann nicht kommen. > I'm sorry, I can't come.
_ Ich habe leider keine Zeit. > I'm afraid I don't have time.

Would be nice if someone can translate those sentences in other languages!

Have a great day!

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