The first days of your life

in #life2 years ago

For the first time a toddler stood up like a child; He's a coward, but so eager. I don't know what's gonna happen. I don't give a damn if I'm wounded or wounded. I have no idea where the road is going. All I know is, I'm up, I'm walking and I'm not postponing anything anymore. I give everyone the chance I give to everyone, today. Look here! I write, I live. The camel, no no, I drive myself.


I do not know if a body that has passed the first days of its life in a glass fan, does not believe that it is the belief that after years, the trembling of the body raises this order. Come on, I'm afraid to postpone it and run away from those clouds again. But I don't want to open the umbrella anymore, I want to get wet in the rain. This morning I broke the umbrella. My belief in correcting the order is as real as my fear.


I'm not invisible. I have one here. I have a lot of goodness about me. Every beauty needs rain before it grows. Which flower doesn't like rain. Which people don't remember that there's a smell of rain. The smell of rain isn't just remembering on rainy days, I'm going to find the rain when the sun is at the top. Hydration. The day was the day, but after the rain in the rain, it's gonna be even more.

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Which flower doesn't like rain. What people don't remember is the smell of rain. Not only will the rain smell remember on rainy days, but I will find the rain when the sun is on the hill.

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