In Iraq's book market, books remain in the street at night because Iraqis say that the reader does not steal and the thief does not read

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I found this on reddit.

I think the thought is so superior. 

Knowledge can't be stolen. It's always earned with time & effort. You've to sit down and read the book to gain the knowledge.

And regarding the honesty, not only Iraq but Switzerland encourages honesty box.

In Switzerland there were a number of things that were left out on the road with an “honesty box” for people to leave some cash to pay for the goods they took - pumpkins, grapes and newspapers were all sold this way. The Christmas tree seller in Geneva would simply take his table, folding chair and cash box home at the end of the night and leave 50 trees standing against a wall until morning.

Being human, what's truly important is the honesty. It makes our life beautiful.


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Thanks. Have a great day to you too. :)

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