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What I did this month


I have been absent from the internet in the form of blogging, the reason is short and simple I’ve been writing my thesis proposal. I just finished my thesis proposal and turned it in, now I have to wait a couple of weeks to defend it in an oral defense.


Now that I have a couple of weeks of downtime I can spend some time writing and working on my blog. So the during the last month of the year I have been focused on school, family, and strength training for rock climbing.

Along with those things I have had some chances to to eat at some great restaurants and have coffee at some good cafes. Below are a few that I found to be the best of the ones I visited this month.


Best coffee shops and cafes

Fix coffee & some more

I had been wanting to try this coffee shop for the longest time, and finally got to try it. My conclusion is they have good Tea and coffee, but it is a little pricey, especially if you want to try one of their non house blend coffees.

Best Restaurants

khanakhazana 饗印印度料理


This is another one of the great many of Indian restaurants in Taipei. It is a little bit more expensive, but the quality, atmosphere, and very kind and attentive staff make the price much more worth it. I can vouch for the curry, naan, and most of the menu since I basically tried it all :).

Mamak檔 星馬料理


This is one of the only Malaysian restaurants in Taipei, so it is already worth it. But this is the best one I think of all of the rest. It may have recently gotten more hipster, and crowded but there is a reason for that! This place is amazing, you can get some great Malaysian food and drinks that you cannot get anywhere else in Taiwan here and at a fair price.



This place is tucked away down a small alley, but worth the venture down. The great priced sandwiches, with very creative combinations of drinks and sandwiches makes this place one of my favorite lunch spots in Taipei.

The Rest

Besides the coffee shop and restaurant hopping, thesis writing, rock climbing, and holiday spending with my family the rest of the month has been trying to destress. I hope to continue to be able to get the time and motivation to continue my blog writing starting in the beginning of next year. Merry Christmas, and happy holidays.




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