Party Time On Plaza St. Hubert !!!

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The Plaza St. Hubert located in Montreal Canada has two sidewalk sales every year. This year the tone has been set with the grand renovations that have begun in 2017. So many merchants out there selling their goods at the best prices possible and not to mention countless popup snack bars and entertainment. But the best part can be found in the street in the form of live entertainment . obviously with so many stores this street has something for everyone.


Welcome to the Plaza St. Hubert please enjoy :)

as soon as you arrive they have greeters and orchestra type shows on the street all very entertaining for the children and adults.

So much diversity i here's some of the good old boys put up a great rendition of Lola sorry about the finger just so many people it's hard to stay out of the way but still a great show please enjoy :))

Not so much about how you do it as much as what you do with what you have. This little guy simply be humbled myself taught me that being humble is great but don't look back, he is an inspiration to all those who say if only i had something or other i would be successful, something akin of the man who complained about his shoes until he met a man with no feet please enjoy this incredible rendition of Cats Stevens Moonshadow @darsico

The sidewalk sale lasts for four days Thursday to Sunday twice a year during the summer season and is probably the most important times for these merchants and getting prepared since the Plaza will under go a massive construction renewal after this posting so it's like a time capsule .


and of course whats a party without the cleanup crew.
Thank for watching @darsico


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Hey @darsico! I'm stopping by and I am VERY happy that I did! Thanks for bringing the Party to us! Looks like an out of this world time! It is most definitely on my bucket list to visit Montreal Canada. I most definitely would have to visit when all this takes place! I think that you already know that I love music and a fun time! Amazing rendition of Cats Stevens Moonshadow. The post and videos came out GREAT! All the VERY best! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)


thanks @extraterrestrial, glad you enjoyed a few moments of street life. Yeah it's amazing sometimes they appear out of nowhere very special :)


My pleasure! I enjoyed the few moments of street life and all of your posts immensely! Thank you VERY much for the awesome entertainment and your support! It means the world to me! Thanks VERY much for the much needed and more than appreciated booster upvotes! Thanks for the help! All the VERY best! Your grateful Friend @extraterrestrial :)

the great outside ... bold and daring

This looks like a fun loving event for all the age group members.

enjoy enjoy but you like a ghost

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nice picture and awesome concept sir..thanks for share..