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In the past few months there have been times that said a lot about the topic of gender and not a lot spoken about beyond the low hanging fruit.

It is very popular to come out and post on various websites that you are a "feminist" or a "social justice warrior" and one becomes almost instantly famous. I have come to ask myself what would the great minds of the past say about this dangerous topic.

There is an idea of a MAN and a WOMAN.

This is what humanity relies upon to compare themselves and others. It is not actually rare to hear when someone is talking to another: "man up", or "don't be a pussy" etc. this is not just in case of man to man talking but also man-woman and woman to woman. We think that we must behave in a manner that will prove to others that you are a MAN or a WOMAN.

We, as humans stopped thinking less what the definition of each gender is for ourselves but adopted the thoughts of other peoples definitions. It is true that the human nature is to have the need to receive acknowledgement, we all do, nothing weird about that. So what is it that drives us to adopt the standards of others? The acknowledgement can be received in various different ways, but at this moment it is the fastest and easiest way to get it. Is it just the factor of people being lazy and not wanting to do the thinking for themselves or is it something else?
Being so lazy to stop thinking for oneself is not something i really understand. So i ask you people. What is it that stops people from thinking on their own?


When talking about what is it to be a man: strong, though, strong willed etc.

When talking about what is it to be a woman: kind, gentle, strong willed etc.

All the positive things we can think off. Unless of course we have the idea that we need to blame all the problems of society on one gender. Then we open the flood gates of hell and see the kind of thing going on the main stream media. All kind of protests that portray that "MEN ARE PIGS"; "BLAME THE WHITE HERETOSEXUAL MALE"; "STOP THE CRAZY FEMINISTS"; "FEMINAZIS" and the list goes on.

On the other had i have yet to notice something every important. The mention of the man and women in difficult life circumstances that are older. We mostly all had parents (not everyone did or even is), but shall we ask them what they think about all that is going on with this topic? Do we even notice the picture of an older couple that respect each other after many decades of being together. Let us not be blinded and look what they are like. Frail, spent, sickly and so on, but they are also smart in their own way. They have more experience that we could still learn from and not make the mistakes that would come later on in life. Why can we not put the definition of what is a man and a woman on a elderly couple that have lived together for the larger portion of their life.

New definitions?

Can we not say that a MAN is someone who is male that takes care of responsibilities of being a good father, studies, brings good quality food on the table, does what he must to protect the ones that he loves and devotes his time to the family.

Can we not say that a WOMAN is someone who is a female that takes care of responsibilities of a good mother, studies, brings good quality food on the table, does what she must to protect the ones she loves and devotes his time to the family.

These are not definitions that should be accepted without a second thought, they are neither good nor bad. They are just ideas to think about. We must decide for ourselves what we accept.

On the other hand there is just one more idea that is incredibly simple, just be good. That is it.

Now i am returning to the part of humans being lazy. It is true that machines have made humanities life a lot easier and took the back breaking work of off our shoulders to some degree. But all that really happened is that we got more time to do what we want. This sadly does not include reading more books and talking about our stories to other important people in our lives. Facebook took care of instantaneous massaging and sharing pictures of trips and posting small chit chat, but it does not tell anyone the story of that trip. All it does is shows the idea of ones live having more value that yourself or others. Do we really need a feeling of guilt if we do not visit or experience the same things as others? Do we really need to give up on our individuality just for the sake of fitting in? Hardly.

Let us stop being so lazy and start doing what makes us human, work our asses of and put aside trivial things that separate us.

Like i said. We have an illusion of what a MAN or a WOMAN is - an abstract, but the truth is we are all imperfect. In all our imperfection we are humans.

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perfection is an illusion,
imperfection is an illusion,
male is fact,
female is fact,
Yet perfect/imperfect, male/female does not need to have any effect on interpersonal relationships.

Great article. Division amongst males and females is just another hindrance to our full potential as a society to flourish with unconditional love and building each other up. There are so many dividing factors based off of lack of knowledge, ignorance, unacceptance, hatred, discrimination, bigotry, racism, sexism, and closed mindedness, which all stem from a place void of love and understanding. We must go beyond the confines of ideologies and love one another. Great post. Upvoted


Thank you, i really appreciate it and thank you for your support. Great reply.


You're welcome, thanks for the post that sparked this reply.

If you are perfect or not, will not change the person you are! I think that imperfection can make you perfect, but you have to accept who you are and how you are!


Very true.