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Its origin dates back to ancient Rome, where a unit of measurement called "pound pondo" (weight in pounds) was used. In the fourteenth century its abbreviation in Latin was written lb. 


To avoid that the initial "l" was confused with the number 1, and to show that it was an abbreviation, those who used it used to add a horizontal line at the top that crossed both letters. 



Over time, when written by hand, this abbreviation was subtly changing form to become the symbol we know now.



In the 1950s, Bell Labs introduced the tone dial telephone that used keys or buttons instead of a rotating dial to communicate with a number. 


 In our current environment the symbol began to be used for different functions, for example, in the codes of new computer languages.


In the United Kingdom and other English-speaking countries, it is used to indicate a number or number (hence it is usually called a numeral). But it was not until it began to be used on Twitter and assumed a new role within social networks, which became so popular 

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