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Hey Steemers!

I'd like to share a practice that I've been working to incorporate into my life: slowing down.

I am a naturally impatient human with a buzz of energy. Although I appreciate having an abundance of this resource, it can be challenging to channel. Due to its frenetic quality, I often feel pulled in all sorts of directions. I'll take shortcuts, rush through projects, and avoid moments of stillness... all to "check things off my list" more quickly. The quality of my work suffers as a result. Even when it comes out passable and I feel like I've gotten away with my haphazard ways- imagine what a difference slowing down would make.

I am beginning to find that my default rapid pace does not offer greater efficiency. Rather, it results in errors and perpetuates my anxiety around getting things done. Playing into the buzz fuels it like oxygen to a fire. My heart rate increases, my hands shake, and my vision blurs... NONE of these things are conducive to happiness or productivity. In the continuous quest for these things, I am beginning to craft a slower approach.

My boyfriend is fantastic at this. He is thoughtfully detailed, double checks his work, and understands goals as a process rather than a destination. He invests mental energy to one task at a time, and patiently accepts progress as it comes. Because this does not come naturally to me, I have to make conscious changes. The foundation of such change has been breath. I used to scoff at the yogis and hippies that touted breathing as a miracle cure for modern life's stressors. But dammit, it works.

Deep breaths lower our nervous system's activation state; they slow our heart rates; they bring peace. When I feel frantic, I take a minute. I breath. I proceed with a renewed sense of stillness. Additionally, I make an effort to move more slowly. Whether this is in the gym, my typing speed, my hustle between patients' rooms at work... and it keeps my anxiety at bay. It is my way of telling my overstimulated body, "it is okay, and we can handle this".

I am beginning to believe this sentiment. I feel the difference in my body, as the physical manifestations of jitters make less frequent appearances. I feel it in my mind, as a clarity that allows for critical thought. I feel it in my heart, as a deep appreciation of my flawsome (awesome but not without flaws) self.

**flawsome is not a word that I created, but I love it! I first found it on the instagram page of Courtney Ustrzycki, who is a badass and inspiring individual.

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Awesome felling to express it flawsomely into words which comes from deep inside your body, heart, mind, and soul.

Upvote, Follow, and Resteem


I so appreciate your reaching out! And I agree- verbal expression (to me) always feels so important.

Wonderful advice. Easy and effective, slowing and deepening the breath. The process brings clarity. Thank you.


thank YOU! and clarity- I absolutely agree.

Always living the struggle-free life @danigirl :) Mindhunting all day can take its toll ;) ... but I always find my way home ... Upvoted and RS :))


Wow, thank you for sharing that article! so much to consider and incorporate into my thinking and practices. I appreciate the abundance of this community- thank you for adding to it!


It's certainly a site that opened my eyes Dani - a lot of spiritual stuff you may already know, but it allows some super tweaks from the leftfield :) Nice to meet you by the way - I can't believe I haven't bumped into you yet in this one room classroom that is our Steemit!

I can totally relate. Lately I've had way too many moments where I forget what I was just going to do. It's a red flag to me that I need to slow down and try to be more in the moment -- but that's hard to do!

I just followed you. Can't wait to see more of your stuff!


thank you! I feel the same way- I've started writing everything down as a way of unburdening my mental resources. when I've finished one thing, only then do I look at the list and take on more. I think that "in the moment" is the perfect way to phrase that too.