Stop Wasting Time, and Love the Process

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Hey Steemers,

Goals: things to strive for, cumulonimbus clouds, lofty mountain tops. They light fires under our butts and motivate us to move it, move it. All this? Yes, they are powerful.

However, having a goal is the mere beginning. Goal achievement requires changing everyday behavioral patterns. This is damn hard, considering the power of inertia. Thus, goals should be approached strategically. I believe in strategies that transcend goal specificity, those that are relevant to progression in general. My formula is this...

  1. Concoct a goal
  2. Write out a list of behaviors that will bring you closer to it
  3. ADHERE to these behaviors for a predetermined period of time (I usually choose two weeks)
    Each of these steps is necessary. Concocting goals allows us to consider what we'd like to invite into our lives. Outlining specific behavior changes grounds these goals in reality. Adherence is critical. We'll never know if and how something will affect us, if we do not give it the chance to do so.

    This is a trap that many people fall into. I'll use nutrition/dieting as an example. Many individuals alter their diets to fit specific goals: weight loss, muscle building, improved blood markers, ect. All of these things take TIME, especially if the goal is sustainable, long term change. Humans are instant gratification seekers, nothing if not impatient. When a week goes by and our bodies feel the same? We get frustrated and veer off course. Once we do so, we're back at square one. There is no way to determine whether those dietary changes were the means to our end goal. To this I say, trust the process. Let's do our research, speak to certified professionals. And then stick with the program. We are wasting our own time if we don't.

    If adherence feels impossible? Maybe the goal itself needs to change, or perhaps our approach to achieving it. The thing is this: we spend infinitely more time working towards goals than we do accomplishing them. We might as well enjoy the damn process! By all means, strive to improve your health, relationships, career... all of it! But simultaneously savor what you have right now, in this moment. Beware of destination addiction: the idea that you will be happy "only when....". I promise you, this mindset will keep you chasing fulfillment until the end of your days. It is easier said than done, but I have to say it anyway. Let's love ourselves and love on others, as we are, without expectations or exceptions. I absolutely believe that this makes it possible for us to stay happy whilst workin' and twerkin' towards our goals.
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Nice post. Every one should have goal. Then only they can move forward.


They are quite motivational, it is true :) Thank you for the read!

Excellent advice. Goals are so important, but so is being able to see when they aren't working/aren't a good fit and being able to change them.


Ooo I so agree! Flexibility breeds success, I believe.