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My last post was about using motion picture systems to help develop personal creativity and especially how to create more fulfilling life scenes. Taking some time to script your life is encouraged and using some of the formats used in motion pictures may make this easier and more fun. Writing in general is an important aspect of displayed thinking and one of the systems of creativity that have developed our civilized world.
Writing can help thoughts grow and expand. There are no grammar teachers to hassle you or grade your writing or your work in a personal journal. So feel free to play with words and images like a child freely plays...or a brilliant inventor…or an extraordinary entrepreneur…or dynamic artist. Write shorthand, scribble notes, doodle or write eloquently. Just write. Within my forthcoming book CREATE NATURALLY each chapter ends with a variety of questions, activities and exercises that will prompt creative growth. I call it the Create Naturally Action Journal. But you can start your own journal now and design it to let your thoughts take form. Writing is one way to do this. Sketching is another, speaking another and all mediums are valuable for journal work or play. Expression reflects creativity and enhances personal growth.
Writing is powerful and will help you to empower your creative thinking and move toward your desires.
Don’t be afraid to write. Know that writing improves thinking and clarity and this is its own reward. Rewards are powerful incentives and motivators.

Writing not only helps us to think, but the act of writing allows thoughts to flow. The mind can fill empty space with new thoughts when we are in the flow of creative expression. Allow the momentum of the mind or heart to freely express and reveal the mystery of creative process in action when you write or sketch.

Feel free to write or draw anything anyway you want that, like a script, is a blueprint for manifesting - in this case your life. Journal work is the reflected manifestation of what is within our minds and hearts. Start with a thought and let the very process of writing help expand both thinking and creativity.

Feelings in the heart can also find expression in words crafted by the mind. Writing is imagination, thoughts and emotions expressed visually. The same is true for drawing and art.

Life Scenes from Life Scripts
You can create your own script templates to provide guidelines that will help you describe, visualize and realize life scenes. Or I will provide examples of templates in my next few posts. By its very nature writing helps us to organize, formulate and expand upon our thoughts and express creatively. One of the methods for improving life scenes is learning to write and think in scenes. Training the mind to think in scenes enhances both creativity and visualization skills. Learning to think in scenes and sequences stimulates the imagination and engages the attributes of both brain hemispheres.

The imagination enables us to launch into a variety of experimental directions. Developing the imagination can help you access powerful positive emotions that benefit motivation and creative skill. Contemplating a variety of your life scenes is a very natural way to open to a flow of ideas and visualize the directions you want to go in. Life scripts can help you accomplish this.
What are the scenes you want in your life? Most people want more success, love, peace of mind, creative expression, etc. Contemplate your goals and desires and write quick little scenes from your imagination. This will begin the worthwhile directions you want in life and improve your creativity too!
Stay Creative Steemers.
All writing by Daniel Hime copyright 2018!


Great post!

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yea totally i actually got into writing reality scripts wild thing is they work! even without u even thinking about them cause u know change is the only constant in the universe and beyond!

Indeed - life scripts do provide direction and life manifests in mysterious ways since the constant changes keep on coming. Thanks for the reply!