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I want to post a graphic about the new website I am building - my brother and I are just making some drafts of ways to promote this as I keep working on the site. Later I will put some of the Steem blogs on the site. Multi- purposing writing and photos is worth the time as I continue to refine what are the best ways to communicate the value of exploring creativity.
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Before we get into the particulars with examples of using the life scene script templates I just want you to consider writing about the following scenes in a personally meaningful way. These are to stimulate the imagination and get us thinking about life scenes we desire.
Scene Ideas -

A scene of communicating ideas to family.

A scene of yourself in the future living your dreams.

A scene talking and resolving the problem you may have with someone.

A scene about communicating with a boss or prospective client or employer.

A scene talking with imaginary or real characters – a really wise person, a hero, political or social leader, a movie star, a famous person, a talking animal, the spirit of someone who has passed on – anyone who can help you clarify and improve your life and solve problems.

Any scene that is psychologically valuable or aids in accomplishment can be beneficial to conscious evolution.

Attitude scenes to increase self-mastery and ability within the now moments of experience

An innovative inventor’s ideas that is your friend
The business person’s scenes

Scenes with imaginary mentors

If your creative flow or imagination gets blocked consider requesting assistance and advice from other people real or imagined.
Imagine having a discussion with Einstein, Gandhi, a Goddess, your mother, Mother Teresa, or anybody living or dead you recognize as intelligent, creative and wise. Ask this imagined being for help and listen or imagine what they might answer. There are many ways to creatively seek solutions, real or imagined.

Imagine a scene with friends brainstorming solutions to each other’s scenes. This can also be done with real friends.
Stay Creative Steemers.
All writing by Daniel Hime copyright 2018


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