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  1. Trim your hair frequently
    Its funny isn't it? To get long hair you trim it. The trimming is basically to get rid of split ends and damaged edges. Trimming your hair keeps the hair length even and the whole hair shiny

  2. Avoid hair colours or hair bleaching
    This can lead to the cuticles of the hair being damaged, leading to breakages and damages to the hair.

  3. Distribute Your Hair Oil
    Daily brushing of the hair at night before sleeping would help the natural oil of the hair go round and give a shiny appearance to the hair. Since our (African) hair is mostly in braids I will suggest massaging the scalp. However if not in braids, by all means comb through.

  4. Keep Your Scalp Healthy
    A healthy scalp produces a healthy hair so we must keep our scalp healthy by using quality products and this is where Oriflame hair products come in. A healthy hair must have the same thickness from bottom to top.

  5. Eat The Right Kind of Food
    Protein and vitamins food help in growing long healthy hair and foods rich in these nutrients are encouraged. However, if one is not getting these in their regular food then supplements that contain biotin, vitamins C and B which promote hair growth may be considered.

  6. Avoid Heat Styling As Much As Possible
    These may achieve a lovely style in the immediate but the damage the hair and encourage frizzy hair. If it unavoidable use heat protection treatments and lower the temperature.

  7. Avoid Daily Shampoo
    Two to three times a week will help your natural hair penetrate down and encourage healthy hair growth. It's important to state here that not shampooing often allows excess hair and dirt to accumulate there by promoting dandruff.

  8. Finish Your Shower With A Cold Rinse
    A very steamy shower is as bad for the hair as it is for the body. Rise with cold water to seal the cuticle and strengthen the hair before styling.

  9. Be Careful When You Brush Wet Hair
    Wet hair is very very vulnerable to damages and should be avoided. If you must brush wet hair use a tangle teaser or a wet brush. For African hair you may want to arm yourself with wide tooted Combes and start with that. In addition, the combing technique matters. Start from the bottom and very gently work your way up to the tips.

  10. Stop Doing Trendy Cleanses
    Surprisingly, this cleansing that has been hyped by Diet companies takes its toll on the hair. It is said that after one week of cleansing the hair has been seen to deteriorate i.e. slower growth and lacklustre locks.

  11. Sleep On Silk Pillowcase
    I find this very true. Your pillowcase material is of utmost importance. Some actually twist around your hair and pull it out. Silk pillowcases are recommended.

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