haha that's the sign of a smart mom @dandays :)

lol. so true. few good days. i can kick your butt at any board game. come visit lol

(My wife and I are each doing our Steemit thing right now)
I said “where’s Playa Del Carmen?” I had an idea, I know it’s on the gulf.. kinda in line with Cuba, kinda, I think. I looked it up.

Let me start by saying we would love to! Regardless if you’re serious or not. The thing is, she and I live for adventures like that Brian. I’m not making this up; whether we are staying locally or abroad, we don’t book a hotel room until we land there. “Careful what you wish for.”

Just so happens we’ll be air bound from Thailand to Central America around the beginning of the year. I bet a 2 day lay-over, somewhere on the Mexican coast, Caribbean side wouldn’t be a bad idea.

if you land in cancun well we are close and many optiones here. BTW we look after rentals here for people and know the cheapest best hotels lol

Man what a great time that will be! (Catch that?) But really, how cool is Steemit?! I suck at hard bids Brian so I can’t say how or when but don’t be surprised if everything spinning around this globe gets us to a game table sooner than later.

well the best is here. and come down. we have hook ups here for hotels and apt.

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