Today's public education system.... or lack thereof..................

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Having graduated in the early 90s, which to today's kids is an ETERNITY ago, I am saddened and more than a little irritated with the lack of education that the public school system offers. Even before I was a freshman in high school, we chose a "career path", whether it be general education, business, agriculture, etc. I distinctly remember sitting in a class where you were taught how to balance a checkbook and how to fill out a job resume, EARLY in high school! Today, as I have so blatently been made aware of, the focus is now on transgender children, their rights and equality, as well as other topics which offer todays youth ANY hope of becoming anything. I feel sorry for todays kids who have not obtained the necessary elements to become an adult because the schools are too worried about being politically correct. It will not kill any child to have a dose of reality. Today's schools only serve to make them soft, and then when they get into the real world, they have no idea how to handle any form of criticism, even when it is deserved. I no longer plan to contribute to the dumbing down of todays society. Wake up people. Get with the program!

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My concern is that in Florida, not sure about anywhere else, is that they do not teach kids to master skills in certain subjects any more, They learn to just pass tests. - I could remember when i was in school spending weeks if not months on multiplication tables. Not any more, Your luck if you get a few weeks on it now and then they move on to something else. Sad how the whole system is going down the drain and our kids are and will suffer for it....

yes, EXACTLY! You get graded based upon your ability to memorize. Its a struggle for some, and comes easily for others. But what they are NOT teaching is common sense principles. Life skills, and general preparation for adulthood.

Gone are the days of learning home economics, drivers Ed, Shop class, even basic computer / typing skills, balancing a check book Etc...... Shame.

these core classes started, for me, in middle school. I learned how to cook and sew in Home Economics, and then how to use a saw and make something productive with hands in shop class. And ALL the kids took both classes, both boys and girls. My daughter is a junior in high school and has been exposed to NONE of this. smh

Same here, I have one going into 8th and one going into 6th and a newborn on the way. I can only imagine what the school system will be like in 5 to 6 years when we have to start that process over. I have complained to my school board, of course my concerns always go ignored and fall into deaf ears. I've also been blocked on Facebook by my local school board rep for voicing my concerns in open school board forums

there are instances here in West Virginia, where a child is becoming aware that if they go and voice their displeasure with the way things are at home, over a truly trivial matter, the counselors are all about "reporting" before they have their story straight. Don't get me wrong, I understand the state mandates, but GEESH, put that energy into giving them an education and quit worrying about trivial matters that they say are going on in the home. Reporting a parent to the authorities because a game console got taken away as a punishment is pure stupidity when you are being ignorant as to the REAL needs of the child. I, on the other hand, received physical discipline, and I am still here to tell about it. It never hurt me, and I grew up with a father who was very old school. Today I am thankful for that.

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