Quitting Smoking - 24 Hours Down

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I decided yesterday it was time to give them up. I did it once before but that was for financial reasons, not because I wanted to. That time lasted a week, but as soon as I had money I bought the smokes. This time I WANT TO QUIT!

24 hours down and it hasn't been easy. The main thing is not grinding my teeth, they are not in good shape as it is. Can't watch movies for a few days as they show smoking about every 15 minutes, and that of course makes me want to run down to the store, and grab some tobacco. 

One big advantage is I want to keep busy, so I got a lot done today. Wood was piled, gardens cleaned up, lawn mower cleaned out, leaves raked, bushes trimmed. That was my whole next weeks to do list done in one day. 

I have to admit I am leaning heavily on my e-cig atm, I have a pioneer4you ipv3. It's a powerful unit, only problem is I cant charge the batteries in the vape itself. 

Without this thing I think I would need valium in order to quit. Next I'll have to give up this thing, they can't be good for you, just maybe better than smoking. 

The other thing I am relying heavily on is more green in my life. If I want to have a smoke I just smoke a J instead. This is how weed cures cancer lol, buy helping the user quit smoking. JK JK who knows it may just cure cancer. I certainly don't know. 

I just have to keep busy.... Just keep busy.... Stop grinding these damn teeth... Make a steemit post... I can do it. I will update in the future about how shitty then good it gets. I can foresee some shit and a possible fan collision, I can get mean without the nicotine.

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I quit three years ago almost to the date. Two packs a day down to nothing.

  • stock up on food
  • buy popcorn, peanuts, or what you like (see below)
  • empty all ash trays
  • take out the trash
  • lock yourself in at home

Now, when you feel like a smoke, one piece of popcorn (or what ever you have chosen to busy the mouth.) It's slow going but food, even popcorn, calms the urge.

Lastly, when you do emerge from your house - don't go out without gum in your mouth!

Gum... so much gum lol. Yeah I have most of that down. It's great to hear from others that have succeeded and how they did it. Thanks for stopping by and the great comment :)

nice dude. i'm planning on the same thing, just bought a vape too. can you believe they're trying to make it less convenient for people to use vapes here? (i'm in cali) keep us updated, it might help you deal with it :)

o also, this is from https://www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/treatment/cam/patient/cannabis-pdq

Cannabis has been shown to kill cancer cells in the laboratory

I figured they would be more pro-vape in the states. Here up in Canada we decided to make it exactly the same as smoking (stupid as fuck) so the government can tax and regulate it like they do with tobacco.

dude, in cali, they're going to make it illegal to vape in public areas, fucking bastards. and i've heard that it's not even the tobacco companies that are lobbying for this shit, it the state! because of some settlement big tobacco had with the state, the state actually stands to profit along with tobacco sales. it's just fucking despicable -__-

Here it is illegal to vape anywheres that it's illegal to smoke, that's 15m from any public doorway, on most government property, all parks, in a car with anyone under 19, the list goes on...

I know you but, but my vote is...


Thanks @papa-pepper, I can do it.
I just need to keep wanting to do it. Then I can spend my weekly smoke money on crypto :)

I did it.

I met my wife and said, "Wow, if this woman wants to spend some time with me, I'd better make sure I've time to spend with her."

@sextant demanded a reduction in smoking, I decided to make that reduction 100%

100% qualifies for a reduction.


Quitting the tobacco, good job.

Thanks @bola. Gotta do it I wanna live to be old and grey

Chew some gum or get some hard candy for those intense moments, to get it off your mind.

I have to face up to stopping soon, not looking forward to it. Willpower is not my strong suit. Perhaps these posts will help.

It's not really mine either. It's going to take some doing, without the vape I know I would've caved already.
I hope you can find the willpower to get it done. These things cost way too much $ and are killing the people we love....

That's funny I literally just started quitting yesterday too, bought a vape and everything been smoking that and green all day. It's been alright not quite the same but I still get my nicotine.

Good luck.

Good luck my friend! You are right, the vape isn't the same. But it keeps me sane.

I quit again about 2 weeks ago. My first week I wanted to kill everything, including cute fuzzy things. I'm better now, but stressful conversations with my autistic 21-year old son makes me want to run outside and fill my lungs with smoke because screaming would do no one any good. But I digress. I've been going through gum and peppermints like crazy and the cravings aren't nearly as bad now. GOOD LUCK!

It's difficult to say the least. The next few days are going to be the worst. I warned everyone to stay away and have myself ready to be a homebody. Hopefully no one stupid or crazy calls or shows up.

Stay strong!