7 Laws to Live By

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If you had to select 7 laws to live by, what would they be? I've never sat down and worked out my top 7 "laws", but the following list is definitely one I can get behind. 

The law about not comparing your life to others is particularly germane. You can never trust what a person says about their life online. Their online life is just a carefully curated version of the life they want you to see. They will never show you what things are like warts and all. So, why compare your life to theirs?  It's much better to just try to get a little bit better everyday. Compare where you are today to where you were 24 hours ago. What did you learn? What did you achieve? What should you have done differently?

James Altucher has something he calls the 1% rule. The rule basically states that your job today is to just improve a little bit. A 1% improvement per day compounds over time and becomes a 100% improvement after 72 days. Small achievements everyday are possible and they'll do far more for your motivation than endlessly scrolling through an instagram or facebook feed. 

Do you have any other laws you live by?


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While it's not original I find that the Skin in the Game rule is making a difference in my life.

If someone does not have some skin in the game their opinion should be looked at as being very low value.

Conversely, if I don't have skin in the game I shouldn't spend much time thinking or acting on something.

The more I live by that the better off I am.