Anecdotes from a Fractured Life: An Introduction

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I would not say that I've had an adventurous life. In fact, I am really more of a homebody. If 'Netflix and chill' had been a thing back when I was dating, I would have been golden!

But, despite my hermit tendencies, I did have quite a few interesting experiences. Some of those, I would like to share with you.

All the stories in this series are completely true! Some details may be fuzzy (a lot of this was from a long time ago and there may or may not have been mind-altering drugs involved), and of course, names have been changed to protect the guilty, but otherwise, the events described did actually occur, as described.

Most of these tales will be short, some long, and still others somewhere in-between. Many should be amusing, a few perhaps soul-searching, though I am undecided as to which parts I am yet willing to share with the world. But, I hope that no matter the length of the read or the emotions contained within, you will find them worthwhile.

I will tag all the posts from this series with the fracturedlife tag and I will also endeavour to update this post with links to the individual stories, but make no promises to be timely with that task.


  1. The Catnip Conundrum

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