We Lied Today For An Important Reason

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My mother is readying our hospital clearance for the checkpoint

My parents had brought me along when we claim the engine part from the repair shop. The reason for that is that for us to pass through the checkpoint. They are not allowing people from our town to go to the adjacent city because of the lockdown but if we will go to the hospital we are allowed.

There is a sign "Dialysis" that my parents had made they use to put at the back of the windshield so that the police/military can read so that we can easily pass through without them asking us where we would go.



Me and my parents went to the repair shop to claim the part of the engine which was repaired and parts of it replaced as well. I have no idea which part of the engine got broken but my father had told me that he bought some fuel spray because the old one is already not working well.

That part of the engine can be calibrated but I no longer told my father about that rather than buying a new fuel spray. I just let him decide for himself which was best.

Our car pictured by me here is an old model of Toyota, it is an Asian utility vehicle, Toyota Tamaraw FX model 1995. We of course cannot buy a new one so this car is just being repaired over and over so we can use it.

As you can see it is really ugly and a subject of joke for people who looks at it. The body is already rotten but what I do not like is that it has a very bad suspension so it hurts my body when I am riding it.

I hope that my eldest brother would give us his old car when he buys a new one. he said that he will buy a bigger one in the future. But I am not hoping much about my eldest brother because he is a different one way too different than my other brother that supports me all the way.

Anyway now my father is assembling the car engine part to the main engine and hope that it will run again because this old car of ours is really essential because we use it when we go for my dialysis session twice a week.


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