My Hope Still Remains That I Will Live Normally Again

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It is my dialysis day so I am really happy about this day that I am able to get my needed blood cleaning even though these days my blood is not that relatively dirty because I am not getting much ammonia breath because of my almost once a day eating habits.

I am always paranoid about food as I just see it in another way because when I look at food now I was wondering if how many phosphorus, sodium, fats, carbohydrates, and toxins it will bring to my body.

I am more particular about the phosphorus contents of foods because a high elevation of phosphorus was the culprit of the degeneration of my bones which is why I am now on a medication about my hyperparathyroid and phosphate binder to control the hormone production of my parathyroid and to control my phosphorus absorption.

I also seldom eat manufactured products because they contain phosphorus for many reasons like color quality, moisture retention, etc. So for me those food products are like a poison that I have to avoid.

It is hard to have some restrictions but I have to observe my strict diet because it will lead me to get away from further damage to my bones just to elevate my well-being a bit.

I just hope that soon I can be able to live a life free from pain and further deformation of my body and maybe I can have a normal life again if God wills it. SO I am praying and asking prayers for the improvement of my life because I had been sick for most of my life I just wanted to be as normal as I can even for a short while.


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