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Pepperoni Sandwich With Cheese From 7-Eleven

My mother buys me my breakfast in the morning, usually it is the stir-fried noodles, rice gruel, macaroni soup, or even the sweet stickyrice chocolate flavor, because it has a cocoa powder in it with some evaporated milk. I do not prefer to eat the chocolate rice gruel because it basically has a little protein in it as well as the two other breakfast meal but the stir-fried noodles which has some chicken liver and gizzard that I wanted to eat because of its protein value.

Now I had gotten tired of the taste of all these foods that my mother is buying because for example the stir-fried noodles was on my table for more than a year now, maybe two years. Every morning I would eat it for its nutritional value rather than having to enjoy eating it so I am just fed-up with the taste and who wouldn't if you are eating it everyday?


Eating The Same Breakfast For Me Is Doable If Only I Have A Good Appetite

This early morning I just asked them if they could buy me a sandwich from 7-Eleven which is just a bike away from my house. So they head on and bought me this Pepperoni Sandwich which I happily ate because of course its taste and protein value although it has cheese in it.

I am okay with the cheese because I could take a tablet or two of my phosphate binder so I won't be able to absorb the phosphorus contained in the cheese and maybe some from the pepperoni and even the white bread. It takes away the guilt feel because I am really paranoid of ingesting phosphorus and I thank God that I can afford this "Renvela" although it makes my every meal a dollar or two more expensive because it is not a cheap medicine to procure myself.


My Phosphate Binder Is A Big Help For Me To Cut My Phosphorus Levels

The root cause of my bone problem was my high elevations of Phosphorus due to my kidneys not being able to get rid of extra phosphorus plus due to the fact that my Kidneys are also not producing an active form of vitamin D added to the problem of bone degeneration because of the triggered Parathyroid that had been pumping high amounts of its hormones causing my bones to leach out calcium to my bloodstream.

Now I just have to suffer bone changes to the extent that is causing me severe pain when I move around or even with just sitting. I tried walking about more than a week ago which made me regret it because of the pain in my feet, knees, and my back, with the tailbone too included in the pain party. Now I am always taking NSAIDs just to allow myself to move a bit with freedom because without it I am like a misery on two legs.


It Is Too Late To Change Back My Appearance And Stature But Not with The Pain

So I just have to really cut one cause of my bone ailment by cutting down my phosphorus levels and at the same time medicating my Hyperparathyroid with Cinacalcet and taking Vitamin D3 and K2 in the belief that it will make a positive difference in my bone health and pain complaints. I just pray to God to just bless my efforts because it had gone expensive to control my medical issues regarding these wretched bones that causes me much grief and misery.



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