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Apprehensive Going To The Dentist

I cracked my upper molar tooth last October 10th while eating some crispy pork skin. The skin wasn't so tough, it is just my teeth is that weak to sustain the normal chewing of such foods. Now it is maybe a few hundreths of millimeter before a tooth rot would reach the nerve and that is what I am afraid of.

I am also afraid that if the molar was to be extracted then it might crack again living the tooth roots behind and that would be some kind of big trouble I would assume so I might be operated on so that it would be taken out completely and it would mean another expense and another hole in my currently raped pockets.


I Am Not Surprised By My Cracked Molar

Then making an appointment to the doctor I guess will not be as easy as it sounds as both of us are might be apprehensive in seeing each other. It is because of my mouth, my appearance, and what my then beautiful sets of teeth had become. My teeth now had become crooked and ugly-looking which is why I do not want people to see it even a dentist which I presume will get shocked at a sight of me.

My fear is for my Dentist to ask for medical clearances before treating me which will be a very expensive problem for sure because I might not pass those clearances and my cracked molar tooth would be left untreated especially if it would begin to have some pain which I would like to prevent.

my molar.gif

This Is The Actual Molar

So I am just waiting for a proper time where I am feeling okay and then I would ask my mother to go to the dentist to make an appointment for me so that a tooth problem could be prevented. Maybe I will just have this molar repaired and not extracted because if it would be taken off and then would crack again leaving the roots behind then it would be a trouble deep for me.

My appointment to the dentist had been postponed and postponed because of my back problem. At first I do not have the money and now that I have the money my fright to meet other people, even doctors for that matter like a dentist just makes me go apprehensive because of my appearance and backpain issues especially now that I am wheelchair bound.

Now I think I just have to brave it up and see a dentist because I have to get this molar fixed plus have my other tooth with cavities filled-up so that I will not get anymore dental problems while I am still alive. I once had a good set of teeth until they parted because of my facial bone overgrowth including the insides of my mouth which had given me some eating problems and speech impediment not to mention my appearance which made me get the fear of being seen by people.


It Is Just Uncomfortable In My Case To Get Seen By Other People Anymore Not To Mention Complications From This Tooth Issue


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