Eating Just To Survive, That's My Daily Life Struggles

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Apples and Watermelon For Supper

It is hard for my situation to live my life like I am in a survival mode especially when it comes to eating. The severe appetiteloss that I have doesn't allow me to savor and taste my foods anymore so I am ending-up just eating a proper meal once a day.

I am always telling my mother to buy me some mangoes because I use it when I cannot eat anymore. It goes well with rice so what I do it to just incorporate mango in every spoonful of rice and viand.

That in turn allows me to put protein, calories, and some vitamins and minerals in my body. Because before I would reject in eating my meal with just a few bites but with mangoes I can almost finish my meal.

Next time I will ask my mother to give me two pieces of sliced mangoes, that would mean that I will going to have four pieces of the cheeks of the mango plus the seeds which I suck on after eating.

Unfortunately it is not always the mango season and also my mother would not buy if they are expensive. I only want them because they are allowing me to eat more otherwise I will be losing some more weight.

But I can never gain weight anyways so I am just eating almost once a day and the other foods that I have are either toast or a small piece of apple usually at supper time. It is because after eating my lunch I would take my cinacalcet and that will just make me nauseous which is why I refrain for eating a proper meal at night.

I know that it is bad for my heart to indulge in eating fruits for the risk of getting a high level of potassium in my blood that could potentially stop my heart leading to death. But if I will not have any fruits I can never eat anymore plus I have to get some fiber in my diet because I am taking up my Calcium supplement as well.

So even my diet is complicated which is why I am targeting my goal of having my Parathyroid get fixed so that I can no longer have to taje this dreaded cinacalcet drug that is a source of my misery regarding my appetiteloss. I just hope that it will not be too late for that but I have to not lose hope because I wanted to live my life as happy and comfortable as I can get it to.


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