Dear Diary: I Long For Having My Own Garden But It Will Be Impossible To Tend It

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I just dream of having my own garden and I am the one that will transform it into a relaxing setting with some hammock that is under a big and fast growing tree like the eucalyptus tree along with flowering plants that gives a nice bloom of flowers and scents that captivates any bees around that wants their nectar.

Then I also would like to plant some fruit bearing trees that are grafts and will be ready to give their fruits a soon as possible or when their season comes. Now there are no more waiting for tens of years just to enjoy fruits from such slow-growing trees as we can already buy them online and ready to plant.

Not only fruit-bearing trees but also some simple vegetables such as eggplants, okras, and bitter melon vines that is useful not only for their fruits but also with pleasant-tasting leaves in a mungbean soup.

I also had planted some Yams before, they just grow big in a sack full of fine sand and soil combination provided that you allow them to crawl on a tall tree so that they would get all the sunshine that they need in order to store food in their developing tubers in the ground and in the vines.

But tending my own garden with such disabilities like I have is just impossible and it is just a dream for me to do so. So it frustrates me a lot when I think with dreaming to have my own garden but could not even have the ability to walk around much less till the soil and start planting.

There is also a possibility that my father will ruin my crops so that is also one of my problems. So it is also hard when you do not like some people ruining your stuffs and you cannot do anything about it when you are bound into certain situations that you cannot get freed from and it is my life now and I am sad about it.

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I'd say start with one clay pot and some seeds. A garden doesn't have to be big, a plant on a window sill can still bring some joy to an afternoon.

You ha ve to Dream it first before it become a Reality. Miracles do happen. I have seen them myself so do not write yourself and your garden off.

Prayers and Thoughts with you @crytptopie


Thank you Sir.
It is better for me to dream and work on it than to dream and sleep if off again.

When there is a will there ia always a way to achieve i wish you could achieve it soon

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

That is a good idea@cryptopie, besides serving to relax and entertain you would also have your own vegetables. It is easy through seeds from your own kitchen.

good idea, when cryptos catch a bid you hire a gardener (not: simple-minded Chance (Peter Sellers), a gardener from the movie Being There), got to see that movie

Hey I see that the plants turn to you, just like me, I invite you to my blog so that you can see some flowers that I have captured, @cryptopie. Un abrazo.

For you!