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RE: ⏺ Turn everything you touch into gold! Part 2

in #life4 years ago

Hey mate I'm new to Steemit this week and found your article pretty darn cool I like how you have formatted it and how it all looks. I think if I had one thing I'm struggling with its embedding the pics and finding cool ways to display photos/videos etc which you seem to have a good handle on. Any tips or past posts that have this sort of info? Would love to check out. Will follow you :)


Your first week here? Welcome brother!

Thanks for those compliments. I appreciate your kind words!

I actually haven't made a post-topic about formatting. It's just not with my theme of writing.

If you go to your 'Submit a story' page, you will see a link saying 'Markdown Styling Guide'. That is a good guide to help you get a kick start in the right direction :) I linked it in the word there too, so just click there and it'll take you to the coding guide.

Stay tuned!

that's awesome thankyou!