"ITS NOT OVER UNTIL I WIN" : Success is Not Easy - Easy is not a OPTION

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You know we all had dreams and goals, we have had at one stage in our life. But very few people start to live life these because obviously obstacle comes up.
Somebody stabbed you in the back, something doesn’t work out and the frustration for most people because overwhelming.
But there is also just the fear, there’s the fear of Failure. fears of getting your hopes up again and you know to get your hopes up again.
You're gonna be disappointed so often in life, but disappointment can be turned to drive or disappointment can destroy you.
everybody’s afraid at some level that they are not enough in some context. Not small enough, not pretty enough, Not smart enough, not rich enough, not funny enough.

I MEAN you may not be feeling that right now in your life, but all feel that.
People tell I've tried everything, I say name the things you try, well I have tried million of things name ‘em. well, thousand names 'em. Well, these three things that you are
really wanna improve ?
if your body's great, how about your career?
your career great? how about your relationship?
Intimate one especially or more kids ? or your relationship with your creator, The spiritual side of your life or is it your finances?
Doing affirmation is not going to change your life, you've got to see where the weeds are and pull them out.
My point is simple, you have got to see what the problem is but you can't make it so horrific that you just give up. who you spend time with is who you become and getting yourself
in proximity with people that are succeeding even if you have to work for free for somebody getting the environment around you . if rubs off around you, you begin to think as they think, you begin to what the opportunities are.
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Our bodies are a reflection of our physical standards, They are not a reflection of our desires.
Most people have a desire for more energy or a better body or a stronger body or a more fit body. We don't get our goals, we get our musts.
Your income right now is a result of your standards as well. its not the industry , its not the economy: evaluate where you are . Look at it : access your self - Access yourself and access the situation !
what brought you there ? what did you learn from it ? are you learning anything or are you doing it over and over again?
Somebody said that insanity is doing the same thing in the same way expecting a different outcome . Don't let this be like last and if last year was great still don't let it be way: Raise the standard.
if your life is perfect and extraordinary , you darn well know. You're not going to be happy unless you keep making it better. That’s what makes us feel alive .
If not what we able to give because we have become more . if you want to begin to move , you've got to clear your mind of all the unnecessarily luggage and baggage ,
That's weighing us down !
You gonna have people to do things to you, then things are going to happen to you. And the most important things to do is to harness your will and let it go .
and move so you can grow , so you can get with your life .
It doesn’t matter about what happens to you, what is matters is what are you gonna do about it ?
If there's anything that'll shift your life , that'll get you to thrive in the difficult situation is : take some massive action , try something else . change it , try it , move it.
If you can start to make progress, if you can get yourself going , even if its not perfect , if it doesn’t work .
You know what to do , just change your approach : if it doesn’t work .
So often in life ; people don't begin the journey because they are not quite sure what to do and how to do it right: hopw to do perfect if you wanna change your body get yourself moving , don't wait for the perfect trainner . Just go out there and move ! put on your shoes and move and get momentum . i'm gonna turn this situation around, I'm gonna sit back and moan and cry over what happened. What I’m going to do something about this situation .
The other thing is, take full responsibility for your life , accept where you are and the responsibility that you're gonna take yourself where you want to go . So once that we have two primary choices in life . we can either accept conditions as they exist or we can that the responsibility to change them.
See lots of people want to exempt themselves from taking responsibility, all they wanna do it talk about the problem. every time you see them they're tell you their story over and over and over again .
NO...NO...You want to take responsibility for your life , I got me here I can get me out of this and I am getting out . I'm not gonna be a volunteer victim .

overcoming addiction , changing our society . Its possible, you can live you dream . Its necessary that you have a plan of action . That you're resilient that you stick to and you work with the system , that you work with people , that you give support . And that you be there for them , that you have the vision and you never give up. That you become creative and relentless and keep on coming back again and again and
again ; and that it's you that's gotta take personal responsibility to make it happen.
And that it's hard easy is not an option; and when life knows you down jump back up and say:
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