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I don’t know about your friends but here is what mine believe. If you don’t have a combination of a strong social network, a loving family and a successful career, then yours is nothing close to a perfect life. Okay, I can’t deny this part of all you could ask for in your life. However, there is more to life than just what meets the eye.

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Be Different…

I know by now this might be a cliché to you, but again, for you to be successful you need to find purpose in your life. Basically, even those who have a green tick in all of the three still feel that something is missing in their life. And you know what that is; their purpose in life.

The rookie mistake most people do is either assume the need of having a clear sense of purpose or just imagining that it’s another fairy dream that can never be fulfilled.

It’s clear that such people don’t know that finding purpose in their life is actually the ideal recipe for a happier, healthier and even better life. If you could ask most people, they don’t know what they want to do with their lives. Even after achieving everything they ever wanted, they still have a hard time knowing their purpose in this life.

I can’t blame anyone on this; I have been on this road too and I understand how this feels like. In my late teens up to age 25, I have changed my career aspirations more than I even change my innerwear. Yes, I too didn’t have my head straight on what to do with my life.

However, once I answered these 5 questions in my life, I could finally look into the mirror and appreciate the person I have become today. You too should ask yourself:

  1. What is your driving force?
  2. What energizes you?
  3. What are you willing to sacrifice for?
  4. Who would you help?
  5. How do you want to help people around you?

In Summary

Finding your purpose in life is a lifelong journey and you need to take one step at a time. You are allowed to take short pauses in order to evaluate your steps now and then.

Also, it’s okay to feel a little overwhelmed at times. For that reason, you need to understand that nothing that’s worth doing is ever easy and your effort will determine how far you will go.

That is why I need you to stay tuned for the next topic on the same. I will be further discussing this topic in details. This was just a piece of the larger pie. Cheers!

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