Yesterday We Sang In the Most Beautiful Place in Quebec with Marc Hervieux (The French Pavarotti)

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Have you ever had the feeling that your whole being is transported or elevated in the midst of music? Well, that's what happened to us yesterday when we had the privilege of singing in the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal.

The Saint-Lawrence Choir, the choir we have the privilege to be a part of, was accompanying Marc Hervieux for the biggest Christmas concert of the year. The line to get into the basilica was multiple blocks long and people were really excited to be there.

Choir singing is a big deal now in Canada

That might be surprising to a few but more people are involved in choirs than they are in hockey teams in Canada.

Music is such a powerful tool of bringing people together and to sing the songs that are at the foundational level of our culture is an experience beyond words. To be honest, I've never to date met a music director who was not deeply religious. There is something divine in music that cannot be rationalized can touch our being in a way that no idea or word can.

O Magnum Mysterium

My personal highlight of the night was to sing O Magnum Mysterium. It's about the great mystery of the God would make himself man and humble himself to the lowest place among the people.

If you get the chance to listen to this, closed eyes with headphones, I promise's quite something. This song is a long progression that peaks around 4 minutes...guaranteed to bring shivers down your spine.

Our choir director Philippe Bourque made us learn it by heart and when we played it together last night it was just one of those "moments" in life when we were transported beyond ourselves into the eternal. Words fail to describe.

If you pass by Montreal and want to hear one of our concert, check out the website of the St-Lawrence Choir.


Anyway, I know this has nothing to do with Steem but I thought I would share a little bit of what's going on in my life and to invite you to experience the great spiritual joy of Christmas with me in music.

Here are a few photos (bad quality I know) from last night.

I wish you a Merry Christmas, Peace on Earth and Good Will Towards Men.



It really touched me to read how much you can get lost in music and feel the divinity by listening! I am a HUGE music lover who listens to a lot of different music styles about 4- 12 hours a day :D
Music is kind of my life elixir and something truely spiritual and emotional. The atmosphere of churches and cathedrals makes it even more beautiful! My husband and me visited a classical music concert in a church a few weeks ago and it was so pure, touching and magical! I almost had to cry as it was so deep and gave my goosebumps all over my body :)
Music really is much more than sounds! It is a journey directly into your heart and soul and a language everyone understands and connects us to the divine. When I go dancing sometimes people tell me that I look like I am the happiest person on earth while closing my eyes and getting lost in music :)
Nice to read you appreciate this beautiful kind of art, too! And your pictures look amazing! Must have been an overwheliming feeling to be there and feel and live the music!

Have a wonderful Christmas festival, a happy new year and a precious and amazing time :)

Best wishes to you :)

The effect music have on us is not explainable. It is just so overwhelming that your head starts to swell and you feel like you are in paradise, most especially, if the beat is top-notch. Music is indeed intoxicating. I'm a lover of music too. I try as much as possible to dance when I listen to music even though people say i don't know how to dance lol. What's your favorite song @endorphoenix? #OWB

Dear @williams-owb :)
You described that so well my friend! :)
Music makes us feel like everything else around us disappears and there is only you and this journey inside your heart :)
I guess everyone can dance :) It's not about knowing the perfect steps of some dance styles, but just have fun and express yourself. If you have fun while dancing, you definately can dance :)
I think it's GREAT you keep on dancing, as often as you can!
It's sooo hard to say which is my favourite song as there are so many good ones out there and I listen to so many different styles of music :)
I love this one SOOO much:

It makes me so emotional everytime as I feel it in every cell of my body :)
And I just love the movie "The fabulous destiny of Amelie Poulain". Do you know it? :)
Whats your favourite song dear williams-owb? :) I am always happy to discover some great new tunes :)
Best wishes and a wonderful Christmas to you! :)

Yea, I dance and enjoy myself and ignore them. Dance is about having that inner satisfaction within oneself and not about pleasing others. It is not like am in a dance competition or something haha.

I love this great tune by Tatiana Manaois a lot that whenever i listen to it I feel happy from within. It is titled "HELPLESSLY".

I havent seen "The fabulous destiny of Amelie Poulain"yet. I would try and get it.


Great point of view, dear @williams-owb! Dancing is something to set your soul free and having inner satisfaction! You are so true! :)
It's great you can ignore them! And I bet you are a great dancer,especially as you love to dance :)
Thank you for your tune! I'm excited to check it out :)
Have a great day! :)

Thank you @endorphoenix 😆. I'm glad you love the tune.

Wait are you in this choir?
Are there any Handel's Messiah singalongs in Montreal? Definitely worth going to if so.

Yep, we are! There are many Handel's Messiah singalong in Montreal. :-)

Good. I wasn’t sure if it was as popular since it’s in English.

Have you ever had the feeling that your whole being is transported or elevated in the midst of music?

Yes when in God's presence, the song just captures you and you feel somewhat relieved, relaxed and happy

after i look into your face - you cant show your emotions straight after this music:) this kind of music give me feeling of medieval age

I tell you, there are some songs and music that has a way interacting to our spirit man especially when such song or music is born from devine inspiration. I wish I was there ,I like where worship is going on and the presence of God broke out and saturate the whole atmosphere as a result of song or powerful man is and bringing the deep things of the kingdom. I really enjoyed this video,truly ! The music came as a result of divine inspiration. Thanks for sharing this wonderful and life touching video

Music is such a powerful tool of bringing people together and to sing the songs that are at the foundational level of our culture is an experience beyond words.

Music ministers to the soul and makes you feel relieved. Aside sport, music is the next big thing that foster unity and love irrespective of individual differences.

wow very nicely written..i really felt for your have unveiled all the beauty in the music and its connection with life..actually you made me to see it in a very different are a very good can talk to the hearts of the people..please do write more..we enjoy them :)

Churches, choirs and christmas. Does it get any better than this?

wow this is one of the best cathedrals I have ever seen, such a great place for big Christmas concert. I wish we could have one here

Music can change you. I’m a guitar player and when I was learning to play as a teenager, I found if I was angry and I picked up my guitar, the music I played changed my emotions. I poured my upset emotions in, and got back calm.

It’s amazing what music can and does do. I played in a band for a number of years and there is nothing like when the whole band enters the zone together. Yes, it’s spiritual.

Great post. Such a peaceful and amazing place. I listen to the music and got goosebumps.

This performance of Manon is some of my favorite Pavarotti. I don't care that it's in Italian. I think it's some of most passionate singing.

i m muslim and i really like Church motifs. Happy New Years. i hope will not wars in 2018 people will not die for nothing. Children will not be Hungry Happy Peacefull World

Music is that powerful tool that binds lot of people together. Thanks for sharing your life experience, because this way we learn through each other experience. May this Christmas brings all good things in your life.

I really would like to learn how to sing, or be in a choir, because when you sing out you have such a natural high. It's a shame we've lost that engagement... shit, i need to go caroling !!!

This is the first time I saw a cathedral in such beauty! I could imagine how it feels you with music and your beloved wife around you! Wish you all a merry x'mas, and sooner you will be a father! So I wish god bless you two and your son/daughter (I don't know) as well! 2018 will be a great year for you!


That cathedral looks incredible! Seems like an awesome experience.

It sure was Seth. By the way, I'm loving your photography work. Very awesome stuff.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate. Just made a new post if you feel like checking it out sometime!

Waoo Extraordinary listen to the music of the video and if you feel an incredible peace, do not forget my ears this piece of music I hear this 2017. Same Merry Christmas as the infinite abundance is in each of us and better yet with Steemit.

Beautiful photos!

I wish you merry Christmas too! And let’s hope for a great next year for steemit!

this is a wonderful place, it sounds just great, I dream to experience such feelings when you seem to separate the soul from the physical body. Happy Christmas, let the world be in your hearts

I love this 😍 I'm a massive music head too & classical music has got to be one of my main influences in making my own... Also, it's great to see someone talk about Marc Hervieux, I feel like nobody ever knows the people I know..

Waoh! This is beautiful. I love the cathedral! Thanks @cryptoctopus for sharing these personal images. Music is a spirit and can transform in the most impossible of ways. It is without barriers even when language tries to create one! Once the heart is engaged, everything else follows. That is why even though I can't speak Spanish or French, when I find a truly inspiring one, I move to the rhythm without question. I find myself singing along, even though I do not understand the language. Thanks once again for sharing, I truly love the images.

Its an epic photography of the church you have posted and very nice article too.

I am sure you are making your day.

God bless you dear @cryptoctopus

have a great day.

this place is beautiful......and merry christmas.... @cryptoctopus

Very very beautiful indeed

There are some songs or music that change our mood ... very beautiful photographers and music

Thank you for sharing the song, pictures, and thoughts.

Personally I think the fact that Music Directors are mostly religious, doesn't have as much to say about the nature of music and it's divinity, but more that the ancient music that survived the ages is usually tied to religious practice or ritual. Unsurprisingly secular music probably didn't hold the reverence, or the mind share, of people and changed with the times (how relevant could the sung songs of the heroes of yore be to the majority of modern people, or a scathing renaissance era political satire?).

The thing that makes music eternal, is the message, and no single message has been more repeated and reinforced than the tales of our gods.

now watch this post dear. very Beautiful place ,i like this post. can i resteem this post @cryptoctopus ?

its just simply looks in your eyes
how the strong feeling created by the lyrics of the song.i just appreciate your work and feeling that were on your face
marvelous and unbelieveable
God bless you all and the whole man kind ameen

this looks pretty nice,, I didn't think there is such a historical place in Canada,,
you look fantastic

What a nice place ! I loved. thank you for sharing with us

Music is the language of the universe. It is one thing that is peculiar to every race and culture. There is no one race that doesn't not have music embedded in it. There are no boundaries to understanding music, hence, it fuels the mind and thus leads to creativity. Music is the best antidote - it makes us forget our sorrows and lift up our mood. And Christmas carols is not an exception. In short, music is life. Merry Christmas In Advance @cryptoctopus #OWB

Wow! What a lovely piece of music. Music is life and May the peace of Christ never depart from you and your family. Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

The Saint-Lawrence are very lucky
Merry Christmas @cryptoctopus
you are among the most powerful of this family

Excellent post brother.thanks for sharing us.i always follow your post.

Wow this place is very nice and beautiful..and advance happy Christmas to you @cryptoctopus

Excellent article and beautiful photos, music is a very powerful tool that affects a person's condition and it is able to unite people through their impact! Especially if it's organ music and choral singing, you're right so you can feel the presence of God! Here is one more addition of this divine music! Thank you @cryptoctopus for the wonderful post!

Excellent good you must have enjoyed
A special and beautiful birthday
You and your wife are beautiful at the top of beauty
You are truly intertwining
I wish you a life of happiness and magnificence
Send her greetings.
Senior ❤

Absolutely brilliant place when you traveled @cryptoctopus.
Finally You showing the power of the the delegation of steemit. :P

Wow: this is amazing Photography and wish you merry Christmas.

Not every post needs to be about Steemit and thank god for that :D. Nice pictures!

look nice. i'll go to here.

Happy christmas

Your post is great! The pictures of the Cathedral are marvellous and story line is awesome. I follow and upvote you. Pls do same for me.

nice post and video (Merry christmas )

Wow, beautiful post !! I wish you Merry Christmas too.

Thank you, I thank you for sharing this photo. It's pretty cool. This is a great photo and this place is very nice. You're a really good photographer.

yaaa its a very heart touching video good keep going

OMG, That's an absolutely wonderful place, Wish i could visit it someday 😭

Images for nice couple and good song Yes when in God's presence, the song just captures you and you feel some what relieved, and happy.

Dear @cryptoctopus this is your new friend @sorenkierkegaard from Philippines. I am inspired the way you live your life. You are a good singer. According to St. Augustine he who sings well praise twice. You are talented woman and behold you use your talents to glorify God. In this seasons of Christmas we sing together to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Today here in Philippines we also sing and give gifts to the children please read Keep your faith and glory God in your talents.
God bless!
your friend

God lives within us, and music is the bridge to awaken the divinity on our body and connect it to our soul which brings ecstasy feelings for a moment realizing supreme lord beautiful love connection.

The church looks so beautiful with lighting effect, which always trigger myself as God lives in a very sacred place in our heart and always we have to preserve it beautifully as well. :)

Merry Christmas to you and your loved once.. :)

I upvoted your post kindly do it back for me too.

amazing and good post

Merry christmas to you and your family @cryptoctopus :) That basilica looks beautiful inside!

this is great coming from you @cryptoctopus and , am also a lover of music, especailly reggae music .like the reggae legend bob marley said , when you listing to music , it takes any your pain and it takes away your pain..

i love this post , #ilovemusic

@cryptoctopus, Such a wonderful life experience you've got. Appreciated one. Remarkable designs church I think. Finally I saw grand handsome and beauty couple here. Nice smile; It's awesome.
I give opportunity to tell both of you; Merry Xmas you and your lovely wife.

Very amazing to see this :) beautiful pics
Merry christmas

Upvote my post also

oh wow! what the beautiful picture❤️ I thought I was looking at Disney movie set! Its that amazing....well even better 😊

What a great music when I heard her I felt psychologically comfortable
It seems that it is the blessing of the Lord that gives us this feeling
I wish you and your wife all the happiness and lasting blessed moments
And the tranquility of the heart

Woow Quebec
This is nice

Your post is nice . Music they said is the food of love, and if music is actually the food of love , lets play on. I follow and upvote you. Pls do same for me.

Thank you again for sharing Some personal things. I wish you Also a happy christmas. My #steemcandle of today is Also for you.

Music is the most important aspect of life, ot was existing when we didnt even aware of languages , its still the best part of life. To relax, to enjoy, to feel the pain , to express music is always the perfect combo for any environment, any situation. And it is going to exist even if we don't.
Great post , nice reading this.

It sounds magnificent, especially if you close your eyes and imagine that you are there.Love the resonance of the sound!Thanks for sharing. Merry Cristmas!

When i read your post, i totally understood how you felt, when singing a song that goes deep into your heart, the feeling is beyond expression and your body tends to flow with the song unconsciously. i am also a chorister and i must tell you music i enjoy music,whenever am depressed, sad or happy, i tend to express myself through songs.Like my choir mistress will always say its not all about the voice you use in singing, its about the holy spirit working through you..and i must you, i have seen and experienced it..i really the pictures you took, they look great and so beautiful.

Very beautiful post, architecture and music. I am touched by this meaningful experience and how much you seem to appreciate it. Music transforms as it touches our very being, the soul. What a year you have had with the beautiful wedding and the beginning of a new partnership. Merry Christmas and Blessings to You and Yours!

I used to live in Montreal and saw the the outside of the basilica but I don't think I ever went inside. I really missed out

Choirizing really is a participation sport.
Sitting in the bleachers just isn't where its at.

music, church, hopes, love, feelings & emotions made wonders in wonderful xmas time. god bless you & merry christmas. wish to see a world with peace & love @cryptoctopus


Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you and family brother~ #bless

the church looks so good
so ok are all in quebec? i like it a lot

Awesome pics :) Merry Christmas in advance

I'll listen to this after work. The setting looks amazing. Happy Christmas.

I love music more then anything in my life. Sometime I try to play music. I almost listen all kind of music. I know what can do music in someonce life. It is so much powerfull that it can heal anyone from any situation i saw people playing guiter in operation theatre. I saw people listening music to recover from brain troma. I strongly believe that there is a strong conection btween god and music. no one can just creat music in over night it has to come to him. I believe music is massage from god. and that's why mo one can't just creat music in over night. it's a power that you have to earn with your soul. if someone do not put his or her soul into it he or she wont be able to creat it. and when the music connect to others soul she or he can feel the joy and power of it. It's all about feelings. music is can't be hear from ear one have to hear it with his or her soul. thanks for sharing your personal life with us. and Merry Christmass to you too. @cryptoctopus

Very relaxful music and beautiful pictures Thanks for sharing!

This is beautiful.

It has been a long time since I attended any event at the Basilica. Last time was literally decades ago for Messiah (OSM). Sorry to have missed your performance; I have heard of your choir, but never seen it perform. Another time, maybe... .

Hope to see there one time. Wow, Messiah with the OSM would be epic!

They used to do it every year. I don't know if they still do anymore though.

@cryptoctopus - Sir your face can't hide your feelings... It's little bit red & that smile tells us your feelings very well...

Merry Xmas & God bless both of you...


Beautiful pictures you are the most beautiful couple

Holy cow man, that church is sweet, especially the lighting that is set up in there. I would have never known Montreal would have a church like that. I guess I know if I ever head up there, I'll know where to make a stop.

Christmas celebration at cathedral is the best...wish you many of it in life....enjoy the season.

No doubt why its the most beautiful place ever :)

Thanks for sharing your experience it always good to know and see something different i appreciate your post :)
Have a great day ahead

It does make my day after listening to it wow never saw beautiful post than this

Elegant and divine place so beautiful

Wow ...... Amazing
Nice,,,,, love your blog so much ... Nice blog .... I watch each of your post ..... Truly a nice blog


Woww.. Very good..

What a great privilege you had there so amazing to see your post :)
Thanks for sharing

Glad I came, your beautiful angelic singing lightened our morning. Thank you for sharing.

The interiors are just so amazing can't put away my eyes so beautiful place to be in right now :)

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas dear @cryptoctopus thanks for sharing such post very different as you said but i loved it :)

You are making it awesome for reader like us @cryptoctopus

And I am sure you are having special time there.


My hearts gets filled and my body, mind and soul is reverberating the with the divine frequency at the moment.

Thank you @cryptoctopus

had an awesome time watching that :)

What part do you sing?

This place is beautiful. Never been in a real cathedral before.

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