An Expensive Mistake.

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Tonight I am going to share a story about a couple I know fairly well and I found it quite humorous. I bumped into them over the weekend whilst shopping and it is good to see them together again.It is amazing how we find our partners and with what we are prepared to put up with. This one takes the cake though and I am glad that no one knows who I am talking about in real life.

These two have been married for about 30 years and he isn't the sharpest tool in the box ,yet he is very successful in the business he owns. He is very likable and is just great fun to be around whether it is having a chat over a coffee or a drink in a bar. Actually a bar is not a good idea as you will most likely end up in trouble as he attracts trouble with a capital T.

The stories these two tell make you cry with laughter as this is how they are. You can't write the scripts for these and they are all true as I have witnessed a few of them. The time he came home late fairly drunk and his wife locked him out the bedroom. He begged for forgiveness and she wouldn't budge. The fool grabbed a ladder and went round the side of the house putting the ladder under the window. She heard the noise and opened the window only to see him fall off into the bushes below. No broken bones, but loads of scratches though.

The story that blew me away is the morning routine which the wife gladly does and tells everyone. She deserves a badge as no normal wife would do this. She wakes him up for work and he trots of to the bathroom to do the morning thing guys do and she serves him a cup of tea on the throne. She then lays out his clothes for the day so he doesn't have to worry about a thing.

Personally it is everyone to their own thing behind closed doors and it works for them, but I couldn't and wouldn't expect that kind of treatment. I just wouldn't want it and don't see that as normal. The funny thing is they got divorced and he realised what he was missing and they are back together again. The divorce came through and I think it was about 3 weeks later they were living together again, but she had been paid out her Millions already.

He is super wealthy and tried to date but couldn't handle the women on his dates saying that they were already calling him darling and whatever other pet names before the main course had arrived. They all knew he was loaded and as ugly as he was a great catch. He calls this part of his life his most expensive mistake as he divided up most of what they had and his wife, exwife and now wife is financially secure for life. She says it's her money now and he needs to make more lol.

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The fact that they got divorced didn’t change the fact that the money was never really completely his. He was legally in charge of how it was spent but marriage laws and no fault divorce means she was set for life already. Now he’s protected from further losses.

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Money was the original issue as there were two kids one from her side from a previous marriage and their own. He spoiled his and not hers even though he should have been fair about it.

That's a good one, no need to remarry now!

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Sometimes you definitely don't realise what you had till it's gone! Just think of all the hottie shagging he could be having though :0D

Hah, that is pretty funny. I have known a couple of couples that have been married, gotten divorced and then gotten married again. I wonder if it is more common than we realize...