💸Does Money Change the lens You See Life With? -Critical Question

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Hello Steemians,

I saw a poor woman on the street with her child today on my way back from work, and what I saw was a bit sad, the mother is trying to get a meal for her daughter with 5$ but instead she says that is a bit too expensive in Korean. Then they bought 2$ processed oily meal and that made me go through another EUREKA moment. Does money change us?

How Your Brain Functions:

The human brain remains one of the most complex structures the human body has. The way it works and functions is 1000X times more powerful than your computer and the world largest server cannot compete with it. And these thoughts you have are a string of many things all at once and one idea could lead to another innovation or perhaps nothing at all its all by chance. its like cooking a meal, there are steps and certain ingredients that are needed to achieve and make a tasty meal.
How Money Affects YOUR Decision Making:
In the 21st century, the industrial revolution opened a new era that lead to what is known today money. Money is one of the most important tools any human can use or basically its the gateway to many people's dreams coming true like buying a car or retire early all in the form of numbers printed on paper. Money can make you buy a cheaper thing than another product or service as you believe, "its not worth buying expensive phone." OR, "this cheaper phone has alot of the features the expensive one has." So you start to waste your time thinking.

Life is short and the amount we spend asking questions about different products is twice as double as buying groceries or solve school's homework. It all gets wasted on, best deals. It does also affect how you look at stuff around you and how you see stuff like materialism or minimalism. It makes you always ask money related questions and try to strive to get the best deal even if there is a difference in cents!

Negative Effects Of Money On YOUR Thinking:

The best thing in life is to make a social media detox for 30 days like I said in my previous post. But that cures your depression not free will. Money traps people in a non-ending loop for trying to pursuit happiness but sadly the way they use it is going against them. When you start to evaluate things by their price you could miss out on many features that could've made a change in your life. Its like comparing iphone 7 with iphone X, no comparison at all!
Moreover, money makes you always worried and never sitting comfortably even with your friends when going out. Personal story were I went me and 5 friends to a restaurant and I only ordered appetiser and a drink while they ate main courses and desserts. I learnt from that experience is not to stop yourself from having fun because maybe this could be your last meeting with your friends so always appreciate every moment to the LAST.

How To Make Money Make you Happy:

Now some people might think their is no way to become happy from money because they work 9-5 jobs or have a low wage but no, the idea is not to be materialistic or minimalist, going extreme on either side of the spectrum will make you miserable but when you try to think about cheap or expensive look with reasoning and don't ask about price, try to focus on the benefits of the product than to evaluate its price because their is the true freedom of choice and less anxiety and free will.


Never try to look at things in terms of price and stop yourself from being fully free and totally happy, the rich can be happy as well as the poor. We all have ears, noses, and hands we can do this. You don't need something too amazing like a high paying job because let me tell you I'm not the richest but I don't start asking myself alot of questions leading to the same answer but try to think with wisdom, reasoning, and pure knowledge than looking at a price tag.

Lee Kim Sung-Seoul-South Korea

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