📱30 Day Social Media Detox -Perspective Changed

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Hello Steemians,

I had been using social media since 2012 and built Facebook dedicated to show my life to others and watch others around me. It has been 7 years using social media and then I changed my perspective and made a sudden change social media detox and today I'm going to show you the positive results of my decision.

First Days 1-5:

It felt a bit too painful at first, I had to leave my phone at house all the time, disconnect it from the internet if I need it, remove notifications, putting it in a locked room or let my girlfriend hide it from me. Basically it was a goose chase trying to stop all this suffering but then things started changing.

Days 6-12:

During my recordings, I realised that I started to think creatively and I started sleeping more hours at night. The way I started to see life is way more relaxing and comfortable than before since I'm not up for every single photo, video, or news article. Basically it was amazing!

Last Days 13-27:

Things have been much more quiet, I started to do things more productively since I'm not using my phone more than 5 hours a day, opening it at every notification, or crave for others stuff and possessions. Literally life is much more basic and I can go to the gym, eat my breakfast slowly, or even not being worried about the next piece of news from some political figure or agency.
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Why You Should Leave Social Media For 30 Days:

If you feel stressed, overworked, and depressed no wonder why. We as people like to communicate and show people what we have but we don't look at ourselves and our minds. I have experienced depression and anxiety alot but when you detox your mind's thoughts and work. Trust me you will see from another lens. Atleast now I don't have any eye strain. Do it once and don't regret it twice


The first 5 days were the hardest but past that you'll be all fine, its that addiction that drives you back to these small devices with there hypnosis screens. A lot of you might laugh or crack jokes but when you create a mindset based on fact and reason thats when you know you're on the right path.

Lee Kim Sung-Seoul-South Korea


Quitting social media is definitely to your advantage.

Facebook, what a time vampire, and, with the repeated unnecessary changes that they implement, and the amount of personal data that they harvest, well, the sooner we walk away from that smug beast the better.

My lifestyle is such that I can and have spent months offline without any negative effect, it's only at the moment that I need to utilise social media to build up my following as I embark on an adventure of a lifetime following some pretty negative shit that occured.

Oh well, one day :)

We spend so much time and commit alot of energy towards, and still they're making money out of us by putting ads, selling data, and identity. Sad world we're in :(

Whereas at the beginning I was comfortable with the fact that they hav eto make money to provide the free platform, I soon became disillusioned with all the new gadgets and changes that were being implemented, and, when the truth came out about the data harvesting, and clearly the fact that no-one cares or understands that implications, the sooner that I can fully drop FB and its subsidaries from my life the better!

thats the best advice anyone should implement

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