Why procrastination is so vitally important to you ! !!

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The world is a busy, complex fast paced life for many people.

People are often conflicted due to hard work, bills, finances, poor sleep and family duties.

Simply people just want to STOP and do nothing ; to slow down.

It is this situation you can take advantage of , as others get lost in sport or television

invest your spare time into putting some effort into an extra income ! ! !

You do not have to be rich in life, you just need more money than 75% of others and your ahead of the

majority of the human race ! ! !

. . .

About 18 months ago i was wasting my time on websites and online krud that was

not helping pay the bills , but those stupid little surveys led me to a social media bloggers

website ! ! ! Can you guess the name ? ? ?

I will give you a HinT you get paid in cryptocurrency and you pseudo " own " the website

Check out the value of my WALLET to see how much i have ' made' simply by spending

a little less time procrastinating :)

As others are worn out from hard work or fear or indecision or simply avoiding life ,

you gain some advantage from their " lost " ' time ', as they achieve less then you can achieve more ! ! !

You can get more done in a day simply by getting up a little it earlier and working full tilt on a project or

whatever for 25 to 45 minutes per day ...

This activity should be something that makes you extra money or gives you pleasure and once

you knock over this small daily time chunk , then get on with the rest of your life ! ! !

30 minutes per day is many hours per week, in six weeks this will be a habit and less of a chore.

You can achieve this simply by going to bed one hour earlier , keep a diary of time on the internet or sport

or television and find that thirty minutes per day . Once you money income that time chunk and focus to

a goal orientated plan you will find you enjoy you new money making hobby as a happy pursuit ...

  • drink water ,

  • more sleep ,

  • wake up an hour earlier ,

  • total absorbed focus for 25 to 45 minutes SiX days a week ! ! !

  • record goals with fixed timelines in a thoughts journal ,

  • focus and revise your action plan ,

  • avoid and do not fall for hype or marketing promises ( Avoid ) ! ! !

Now your achieving FAR more than 75% of others who are slowing

failing in society due to the habit of procrastination . . .

The KeY to all this is PUMP out your 30 minutes of maximum

focus WHEN YOU WAKE UP ; NoT at some other time ...

LeT me know if you wish , i would love to be motivated by your comments and stories ! ! !

/ Hugz ;)


Yeah, wasting time on Steem is a lot more healthy for the wallet than wasting time on other timewasting activities :-)

yes !

i am currently trying to find a new focus for my steemit activities so as to add more value to my contributions within the bloggers platform . . .

just not sure yet what i am going to do ...

/ Hugz ;)