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RE: How Much Money Is Enough?

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A lot of people trying to get rich are just not getting rich; they lack the knowledge or skills toward success. Others simply make money as a byproduct of who they are.

So people just love haggling or wheeling and dealing. To be involved in conflicting negotiations to win some reward. Simply some people just love the egomaniac drug of marketing or closing a deal.

So while a million dollars is kool for many people others are not in it for the gold. Some of our famous entertainers are worth millions or even seriously multi millions; yet they grab every chance to be in front of the lens they can.

Any average person could retire with one million dollars, because right now they are probably working most of the year for around $ 50,000 or a lot less. The math shows 50 grand by 20 years equals a kool million.

Obviously that would have to be an older person and someone generally financially set up like only having a minimal mortgage, etc. But with care and planning one million dollars could secure most peoples futures till retirement.

But what would you do all day; could you simply live on Steemit for 40 hours a week : )

/ hugz ; )


But I plan to live to 150 years of age....

My " in laws " were unhappy when I told them, people have no business being alive over seventy five; ( 83 and 89 respectively ). If your ' bucket list ' is not ticked off by 75; then I was probably not worth doing and had little real business being on your bucket list . . .

Today people barely have enough gold to live while earning a wage every week. How much money will most people have in retirement to do the things they want; most likely a lot less. Indeed most people today choose between eating or utility costs, once retirement happens many people will find themselves sitting down to dinner sharing the cat or dog food to reduce grocery costs.

Even for those with enough gold most people will not have the health status to freely travel. Imagine having to return home every week for health appointments. Indeed even those with the quality of life medically to enjoy travel; many will be raising their grand kids so the parents could return to employment to maintain their lack of equity in their house mortgage.

Death and taxes; the only things you can be sure of : )

/ hugz ; )

You told your in laws "people have no business being alive over seventy-five"...
I'm going to take the rest of your comment as brutal and terse colloquy.
Fine, we should all expect hard lives, especially toward the end. I'll agree with you.

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