Fake News, Nuclear Disarmament, and Let's Not Kill Ourselves

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anyone else see the irony?

we're alarmed by fake news, but the reality of our various stockpiles of nuclear weapons capable of ending humanity multiple times over is not an issue? http://www.icanw.org/the-facts/nuclear-arsenals/

oops I did it again

Moreover, have you ever noticed how we pick and choose what scienctists' information to listen to?

  • Self-driving cars? AWESOME!
  • Mankind a threat to our own survival? NERDS!!


Meh.. I guess with the rate of technological advancement, we really are a little too late on this... Considering scientists are now talking about nuclear terrorism response more than disarmament.

Still, we could at least give lip service to eliminating stockpiles, to (a) decrease the possibility of weapons going missing, and (b) create an atmosphere in which any use of nuclear weapons would be considered terrorism.

Some interesting thoughts http://www.globalzero.org/demand-zero/prague-speech. I haven't researched the charity itself, but my bleeding heart thinks the principles espoused are noble aspirations.

further reading:

These thought are based on yesterday's original Facebook, post, revised and reposted here for the unique audience...

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