Counting My Blessings 18022020

in #life2 years ago

  1. Ate chicken bun bought by dad for breakfast
  2. Collected spare parts and assembled a vibration monitoring system kit for training purpose (still require further configuration but is already working)
  3. Attended meeting for new department contract establishment, had a meaningful learning session from a wisdomful elder
  4. Attend bible study class and learnt about importance of having 'chesed' the act of loving kindness (love of extra mile) towards our family members and and people who we cared for.
  5. Studied for my coaching session at work tomorrow
  6. Sent delicious cake for my beloved best friend
  7. Meaningful chatting session

Words of the day:

Be diligent in everything you do without worrying about the reward or recognition as all this will come to you eventually

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