Self-fulfilling prophecy of the Third Temple

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There is a prophecy of the Third Temple, and it says that there will be crowned Antichrist, "and it also restores the Antichrist stone temple in Jerusalem" (Hippolytus of Rome). Antichrist will lead the world government and force all people to worship himself and take the life of sin, he is a master of illusion. It is known that the Antichrist will last for 3.5 years and it will be a terrible time. And to preface these times of restoration of the Jewish temple.

Immediately after these Jews of events, seeing that a mistake in the person considered as the deliverer, the Messiah ( "Messiah" in Hebrew), exploring their history and who in all over the world was adopted as the redeemer - Jesus Christ (Yeohshua mi Nazareth on Hebrew) - is not adopted until now only the Jews. He will be officially recognized as the Messiah, the people repent and vozzovёt opposition to God for him (Jesus) parish. This Christian prophecy.

At present, yet no one is how can disappear mosque Al Aqsa and at this point be the third temple because of political instability in the region. However, recent events in the Middle East have shown that the Palestinians began to use rockets from Gaza that has drifted to Jerusalem. It is likely that once such a stray rocket gets it in Al Aksu. At least have a sufficient number of large super-markets, train stations and other large buildings in Israel were built up on the spot vacant lots, which fell Palestinian rocket and made it their explosion pit for future construction.

Architects have already done!

And recent events ...

An important step has been made recently in the process of restoration of temple worship. Reviving the council elected in Israel Rabbi Baruch Kahane following the High Priest (Cohen Gadol).
This election was conducted as a prudent measure to Yom Kippur. If the political situation changes, and the Jews will be given access to the Temple Mount, according to the Torah demands, the high priest would have to make sacrifices. Rabbi Kahane sure that in this case, the temple worship could begin in less than a week.
Rabbi Kahane - a brilliant scholar, well-versed in all tonkospleteniyah laws related to temple worship. He works at the Institute "Halacha Berurah" (founded by Rabbi Abraham Isaac ha-Cohen Kook, the first Chief Rabbi of Israel), which is engaged in teaching Jewish law on the basis of their own Talmudic sources (oral law) and comments. Kahane has played a major role in the restoration of the temple rites of worship, in their preparation for Yom Kippur.
This year a lot of activities with respect to the temple had already been carried out. The Temple Institute has created a registration account Cohanim (direct descendants of Aaron), founded a school for the priestly clan of men, which teaches the subtleties of temple worship; and also carried out during the religious holidays of all sacrificial rites (measures to restore them) - especially Easter rites.

Rabbi Hill Ueyss - representative of the nascent Sanhedrin - explained in an interview for "Breaking Israel News", why it was necessary to elect the chief priest - even taking into account the fact that the temple yet. (Source:

Several years ago, a Danish newspaper, "The Call of Midnight" it is written: "Israel ordered in the United States 60,000 tons of the precious onyx stones, ... which was produced in the city of Benford and sent to Israel to rebuild the Temple of Solomon". Voice of America, in one of its transmission also he said that millions of dollars are collected in the United States and brought to Israel for the construction of Solomon's temple, which the projects will be prepared and transferred to the Messiah, who will come soon...

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This is so Real
Thx 4 posting
They are now training
men thoroughly chosen from the
Tribe, I read on this a few months ago
June or July?
So the wheels are set in motion


yes, its real

It is possible that it would not even be necessary to build the third temple on the so-called "Temple Mount". There are some who have theorized that the temple mount, being about the same size and shape as a typical Roman fort, is exactly that, a fort named Fort Antonia which has never been found, and is in fact "hidden in plain sight" as it was misidentified by ignorant Crusaders who did not know what they were looking at centuries later. The temple itself, was located a few hundred feet south-east of the fort, and was thoroughly demolished by the armies of Titus, as described by Josephus in his writings. You can research this theory by looking for the works of the late Ernest L Martin, or a more recent researcher, Robert Cornuke. A controversial theory, no doubt, but certainly within the realms of possibility.

Blew my mind when they said they were hiding the ark of the covenant.