How old is the Earth?

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Of course, each of us it is clear that no one is able to give unambiguous scientific evidence. Each method used by scientists, is based on assumptions. However, most dating methods available to scientists, show that the earth is much less than the billions of years.

Many thinkers offered their dating of the creation of the world - including James Ashsher (4004 years BC), Johannes Kepler (3992 years BC), Gerhard Hasel (4178 years BC) and Isaac Newton ( about 4000 BC).

A literal reading of the Bible gives a clear chronology of the events, pointing to the fact that the age of our world - roughly 6000 years.

So what about the most popular assumption that the Earth about 4.6 billion. Years received by the majority of scientists and studied in the world's most respected institutions?
This age was determined by two main methods: radiometric and geological dating. Scientists supporting the younger age (6000 years), insist that radiometric dating can not be considered credible due to the fact that it is based on a number of incorrect assumptions and geological dating employs circular reasoning. They also point to expose the myths associated with the "ancient Earth", like the popular misconception that stratification, fossilization, the formation of diamonds, coal, oil, stalactites, stalagmites, etc. you need a lot of time. Scientists who support the theory of "a young planet," present their evidence, rather than refuted their opponents' arguments. They recognize that they are now a minority, but we are confident that over time, more and more scientists will review their position on the ruling in the present assumptions about the "old world."

By studying this question, we should mention a few irrefutable facts youth of our planet:

1 The Earth's magnetic field. It is well known that the magnetic field of the Earth falls twice in 1400 years, ie, 1400 years ago, the planet's magnetic field was twice as strong than it is today, and 2,800 years ago - is four times stronger than today. On the basis of these data, it is determined that the maximum possible age of the earth is about 10,000 years old, as hereinafter will unacceptably large force of Earth's magnetic field.

2 Meteor dust. We know that the earth drop tens of tons of meteoric dust, and with this in mind, it is clear that if the age of the earth millions of years old, the earth would be, vo-pervyh, covered with a huge layer of cosmic dust (up to tens of meters in height), and secondly, in the crust would contain huge deposits of nickel (as it is known, in the meteor dust contains up to 2.8% nickel). Today, the nickel content and the number of meteoric dust suggest that the age of the earth is less than 6000-7000 thousand years.

3 Soil erosion. Today it is proved that if the age of the earth more than a few million years, the surface of the earth a long time ago would have caught up with sea level.

4 The content of helium. It is known that during uranium decay and formed lead helium nucleus, which exits into the atmosphere in an amount of 300 thousand. Tonnes. Today it is proved that the atmosphere contains more than 3 billion. Tons of helium, which means that the age of the planet less than 6 thousand years.

5 Age of Moon. When the moon went American spacecraft, it was a serious concern that the ship can "drown" in the meteoric dust, for the moon, according to the theory of evolution, was formed several billion years ago, as the Earth, which meant that this dust on it must it would be an incredible amount. But after the crew reached the lunar surface, it appears that on the surface of the moon very thin layer of dust, and, in addition, it was found that the moon has a magnetic field, seismic activity and thermal radiation, in other words, its age is not more than 6000 years.

6 Studies of river deltas indicate that the age of the Earth is within 5,000 years.

7 Admission to the silicon ocean with river water can not talk about the age of the Earth more than 8,000 years.

8 Receipt of nickel in the ocean with the river water also shows the youth of the planet - the maximum of 9,000 years.

9 The study of the decay process of small comets orbital period also suggests that the age of the earth can not be more than 10,000 years.

10 On the moon contains a fair amount of uranium-236 and thorium-230, short-term isotope, which would no longer exist if the age of the Moon consisted of billions of years.

Of course, I have not mentioned all the arguments. What do you think?

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Don't think so mate , no space in that time for all life to happen . Do you really believe in that theory ?


really I believe that the Earth is about 6,000 years old, and space and other planets think much more