I bought a Mansion with Steem.

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Hi Guys Happy Saturday I am ridiculously happy today.

First off I have decided that from now on in every video I do I am going to reward someone who leaves a comment in the previous video with some SBD.
I want to give the credit to @joshpeterson who I have been watching his new video series on steemit tips for Newbies and Minnows. He actually is doing this now and I want to reward people who support me its only right so well done to @digitokash who made best commenter for the previous video that you can see here.

I also want to give a shoutout to @Flauwy who did some cool videos this week on steemit going up, and it did happen and what he sees with the price of steem happening in the future.

Which made me think about what I would do if 1 steem were worth $15000 dollars and I let my mind get away from me a little bit. I hope you find the video fun and enjoyable, don't forget that with every comment I will randomly select a winner in the next video which will be tomorrow.

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday folks.

Keep on steemin.



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Wow, I never win ANYTHING!! 🤑

Yes, we can see you haha but a little sun wouldn't hurt. Try Boca Raton in Florida , next time you are looking for mansions.

following @joshpeterson now

You're welcome :) Yeah florida take over the east coast :)

I love the fact that you are now editing your videos, it makes it flow better. Looking forward to more of your vlogs.

My mansion would have to be a beach front property, anywhere in the world but it has to be warm all year round!

The fireman's pole looks brill, you could even practice your pole dancing on it LOL!

Feeling a lot more confident with the edits now and I love the feedback at least I am on the right track

I agree with you 100% on not being able to follow everybody on here. I mean you can. It's only a click away. But, is it an honest follow? Will you participate in his posts and be a "real" follower. I always have this dilemma. So I just stop focusing on it. I am just gonna do the best I can to participate in everybody posts and that is all I can really do right? Pointless worrying about it. :)

Love your Steem book supply. I do a similar thing but with notepad on my phone. And, big props to Josh. Love how are actually realizing that by helping others we are making this Steemit a more valuable platform. And, that is WIN for all of us. :)

Man 15.000$. Would not that be something? I would be incredibly happy with 50$ honestly. But, even the greatest accomplishments in world history started with a dream. So let's start dreaming. Why not? lol

I actually have no idea what I would do with the money. I think I would first just travel the world and go from there. Take it day by day. :)

I see you are all about the kitchen pictures. lol My ideal house would be built from the scratch from my head. :)

Anway, my friend, have a great day. Enjoyed joining in. Let's hope Steem keeps on rising. :)

Wow what a wonderful comment my friend I am glad you enjoyed it.

Sorry for being so long of a comment. I just don't know how to write a short comment. lol

Actually today I posted my first short post. lol Now I want to go back and write up more. :)

No never be sorry for the comments you post they are full and informative and show how much attention you have been paying. And deserve upvotes for them.

I like to comment on others post the same I would like someone to comment on mine. What you put in your comments and in life, in general, it is what you will get in return :)

It goes back to the same thing about people who are annoying that post very little in response to what you did, in other words they say great post now follow me.
Funnily enough that has not happened lately, but yesterday a guy posted a comment on a vlog which was exactly the same as the one before and upvoted himself. He was told firmly to stop spamming my feed and notably he has not commented today. hmmmmm lol.

Lol! You're hilarious. Fyi you wouldn't want a " Wyoming Mansion ".

Glad you enjoyed the video, I just closed my eyes and thats where it landed. The views looked fantastic.

Loving your work my friend, I'm quite amazed how much Dtube has grown I tried it when it first came out and nothing I uploaded wanted to play so I just stuck with YouTube. It's obviously grown alot since then, I should maybe start using it more. Great content, I will try and make the effort to check out more. Following though - you are right about that I follow 2535 people on Steemit with 2303 followers - I just work on remembering my favourite creators and of course supporting the people who take the time to comment on my blog - like you did! Steem on my friend.

Thank you very much for the compliment, I had exactly the same problems as you. For me DTube is woking so much better now, and after the recent changes Youtube made again i thought that I might not stand a chance so i am starting a fresh with DTube and enjoying riding the start of this wave with all of us my friend. I look forward to your future content.

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