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"Sun glasses and shades are often deceptive," a Japanese friend declared.

Observing a group of beautiful ladies in their dark glasses one day, a Japanese friend visiting the Philippines commented, "You know", he told me, "in my country, only bad people wear dark glasses." "Really?" I reacted a bit shocked and in somewhat a negative manner and then he told me that what he said was a reality. He went on to explain his point.


He said that glasses especially dark ones, are deceptive for two reasons. First, they cover the reality. Second, they try to make people believe something people are not. He said, most people who wear dark glasses actually wear them to hide something from their eyes or to prevent people from noticing what they are trying to see. My friend believes that sun glasses and shades are worn to deceive others who are watching you.

I felt somewhat uneasy after listening to what he said. however, that day, I started thinking for myself weather to wear glasses or not. It opened my mind somehow and left me pondering that day about dark glasses. Well, whatever reasons you may have for wearing those exotic dark glasses, I believe each one is entitled to his own opinion. To this day however, as for me I still wear my dark shades to protect my eyes from UV rays especially when i am out in a sunny day. What about yours?

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