Cigarette made: What are the ingredients?

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♦♦Blossoming happiness with your friends started to cut their parents' pockets by scamping the eyes of the class and teachers. Sadarghat pocket pocket for smoking The government has abusively abusive the price of cigarettes Even the parents, mother, girlfriend could not leave the ban despite the first tension first love cigarettes

Some people have thousands of money in the month of cigarette. Do you know, what is made of this cigarette?

Yes, after cleaning the tobacco leaves beautifully, after mixing it with some relevant elements, burn cigarettes are made in the cylinders on paper. However, a recent research has revealed that all the information is new.
Mice rattling as the main ingredient in the inside material

There is nothing to be surprised. Because recently another study has suggested that the world is made of ivory coffee or made from elephants!
However, these can be accepted too. But the next information that is absolutely abhorrent is that it is used in cigarette filters to pig blood. A study by the Netherlands found that pig's blood was used in 185 cigarette manufacturing factories.

Because cigarette filters contain hemoglobin, an important element of blood. Simon Chapman also said that keeping the secret of what ingredients used by cigarette makers is a secret, the issue has become more complex. They said it is their business and they do not leak the secret information of the business.

He said that, in the Netherlands study, it has been said that it is used in cigarette filter with hemoglobin from the pig's blood. A cigarette manufacturer in Greece admitted the use of pig's hemoglobin. Even before that it was known that there are asbestos and dead flies in the cheap cigarette.

There are many communities in the world that seem to be against the life-threatening religion. The members of the upper house highlighted the possibility of being disinclined from this news. So this issue has been created around the world.


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