A New Toy For Me and My Boys

in life •  8 months ago


I recently transported this fine machine 380 miles from Kansas to our home in Iowa.

It is a 2003 Arctic Cat 400 4x4 Automatic. It is all stock at the moment, but I intend to replace the tires and rims with larger, more aggressive ones.


It transports quite nicely in the back of my Ford Ranger, so I can easily take it anywhere I want to go.

Here is the difficult part: It is the most expensive item I have ever obtained.

You see, it used to be my father's. He bought it new in 2003. However, he passed away last July, and I have since inherited it along with many other things he enjoyed and valued. So while it didn't cost me a penny to purchase, it came to me at the loss of him, which hurts, making this the most expensive acquisition of my life.


However, I am sure he would be pleased to see it enjoyed by my wife and our two boys.

ID Photo (1).JPG

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It's a beauty @countryinspired. I did a similar thing after my dad died. Brought a slightly used Sears riding tractor in dad's 1946 Knox utility trailer up from Virginia to LI, NY. Over 600 miles.

Yes sir, It transports quite nicely in the back of your Ford Ranger, so you can easily take it anywhere you want to go.Really it is fantastic.Thanks for sharing with us.