Meaning in Modern Times

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A Not So Random TEDtalk

Recently I have come across the thoughts (lectures and written words) of Jordan Peterson. I find his passionate and concise articulation on meaning and coping with the often tragic realities of life to be very eye-opening.

Not only is he providing insight into our minds work from a physiological perspective (starting with a very honest assertion that we cannot conceive or understand of everything there is to be conceived), but also from a cultural 'road-map' to the mind that crosses both history and psychology.

I am grateful for the opportunity to delve more into these ideas and insights. The professor has recently published a book called "12 Rules For Life, An Antidote To Chaos", which I was lucky enough to purchase on sale yesterday. So far I've gotten part way through the Foreword, and am already inspired. Today I stumbled upon the above Ted Talk about meaning and it has reinforced my enthusiasm and positive outlook.

I look forward to sharing what I take away from this new knowledge as I begin to process it. As Professor Peterson states in crystal clear clarity to students at Harvard in a separate gem found on Youtube, a simple thing to do is if you are looking for meaning in your life, is to use your talents to reduce unnecessary suffering.

Inspirational Words to Students at Harvard


Excellent. It is so true on what he says - My feeling is many people try too hard to think about the meaning of life, but neglected to actually live our lives to the fullest. Some like to beat themselves up and think they are not good enough, before they even give it a try.

Please do share more about your takeaway from his book. I look forward to more insight!

very interesting character, i hadn't really though there was much risk from the whole pc movement until i read about the new legislation and policy on compelled speech.