Who fails at home, Fails in life

in #life3 years ago

Home and family relationships are the most sacred and important things on this planet and we must treasure it as something of great value.

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Success in life is much more than success in business or in the economic part, the real success lies in being successful and having a successful family at the same time. because all the success we can have in life can not compensate for failure in the home.

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Family relationships if we do not feed them daily, over time they wither away like the flower, that's why we must nurture it, spending time with our families, enjoying their company and loving them very much, I know that if we do, we will have success in life, because we will not fail in what is most important as family relationships.

Here I leave a very nice video about families, I hope you like it.


Cool. I think that's right.

@coriantun that´s true but a family is made of two and the children to have exit or to fail. It´s importante that one of the part should admit errors and the other forgive

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