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In regards to my last post about fire and how much it brings people together I also feel it has a huge impact on ones creativity. after my fire pit with my best friends on Saturday the unpredictable flames still dance in my mind leading me back to a creative state. I decided to take apart a old 1080 LED TV today. as much as i love nature i also have a obsession with technology ( keeping it balanced ) and looking into the guts of a television the wires connecting various parts and very detailed layouts of inputs and outputs reminds me of my love for electronic music ( its also like looking at the organs and or endocrine system of a strange robot.... it really gets my imagination going )...there is something incredible to me when a musician can take a running current of electricity and create shapeless and undefinable sounds out of it! just a long beep or a ringing and adjusting the attack sustain and release to form the sound... its as if the sound comes from a hidden place or out of thin air...


a picture of the TVs nervous system

looks like the surface of the death star from A NEW HOPE. i have never disassembled a LED TV before and was very excited to see exactly what gose on on the inside of these rectangles we love to stare at for hours on end. here is a short video with some " science class from the 90s VHS " music of me and getting to the goods of this TV.

and to my surprise after removing about 6 layers of plastic screen this awesome alignment of extremely thin and bright neon lights. and if the song in the video was familiar to you, you must have owned a Nintendio 64

Bomber Man 64

growing up spending endless hours playing video games my ears had electronic music stuffed in them at a early age. Music from 8 bit to 16 bit to 64 bit and up!!! here are some examples

BUT the act of taking apart the TV to get me in a creative zone was a success and began to work on a song and visual that i will post tomorrow!!!! till then here is a VERY dope ultra tight super mega video documentary about the pioneers of electronic music. it is long but if u like electronic music you will be blown away and may want to make some music of your own.

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Sick time lapse video on disassembling a TV!

Thanks for sharing that video game music too, I thought Link's Awakening and the DK Aquatic Ambience were super tight

I just watched all of that documentary you put at the end. Holy shit the first concert of electronic music was a sight to see! Just a giant computer and 100 confused audience members/journalists. Looked like a college lecture. Really cool documentary, thanks for sharing.